Remedy Process + Judicial Office Unfitness Cases + Update from Equity Lawyer to Parliament

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader, Leadership Contestants and All MPs,

The Power Transfer Protocol requires the Outgoing Prime Minister to return the Office Seals to the Crown and the Incoming Prime Minister to collect them from the Crown. The Equity Lawyer and Citizens needed to manage cases and get Proof Sets that increased the options for making best use of the Office Seals Collection Event. The Protection Fraud Network needed to stop them from doing so. They tried Mental Health Frauds against the Equity Lawyer that got Examination Refusals by him. On 20th June 2019 they tried Blackmail Fraud using Kidney Failure Dialysis Treatment Denial Threats to support Mental Examination Consent Demands. The Absolute Certainty was the Absolute Priority was the Mental Health Fraud. The response from the Equity Lawyer was an Examination Consent Refusal and Priority Notice for the Corruption Remedy Process. He and his friend left and went into hiding.  It is time to review what happened in the 29 days since he went into hiding.

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Mass Remedies Proposal Notice from the Equity Lawyer to Parliament for the Crown and Lord Bishops

To All Members of Parliament:

Honourable MP Mr Iain Duncan Smith will please ensure the Crown gets this Remedy Process Communication as evidence for the Lord Bishops. The Equity Lawyer has suffered from Influenza and Hay Fever. It has delayed it.

The function of the Corruption Remedy Process is a Power Transfer for Honourable Parliamentarians against the Protection Fraud Network. It needed Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Protection Fraud Network in the State, Law Courts and Parliament. Recent Events got completion of the Criminal Conspiracy Proof Set. A Corrupt Majority of MPs have been providing Protection Frauds for Organised Crime. They are accountable for doing so.

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Remedy Process Update

The Corruption Remedy Process has changed the Accountability Terms. The Justice Priority of the People has replaced the Empowerment Priority of the Dictator. It affects everything including the Leadership Contest.

Due Process is whatever the Justice Priority needs. It depends on the in the circumstances of the case. The Leadership Contest is a case. Due Process needs the Remedy Process to deliver an Unfitness Purge of Corrupt MPs.

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The Mystery Policy Case

Shropshire is good for a lot of things. Interesting Cases is one of them. It has got another one. Let’s call it the Mystery Policy Case.

The Father loved his daughter. He said he paid Insurance Premiums for her. He did not say how much he paid. He did not say who he paid. He said she would be well off when he died. There was no reason to doubt him. He was not a tease. He meant it. He suffered from cancer, married and died 5 days later. The Widow refuses to co-operate. The Bank Manager is silenced by Data Protection Law.

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The Equity Decision Discipline

Trusts and Prosperity

The Community Experiment discovered Successful Management of Justice Responsibilities gets a Residual Benefit that is best called Liberty. Sometimes it is tiny. It is the chance to carry on. Sometimes it is huge. 

The Liberty Limit depends on the Management Capacity, which depends on Management Co-operation, which depends on the Benefit Belief of anyone who has the power to grant or deny Management Co-operation. The Liberty Limits depend on Benefit Belief no matter who provides it.

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