Power corrupts. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. Some clever people devised Power Controls to prevent Absolute Corruption. They were not just a bit clever. They were very clever. They designed the Power Controls so that anyone with Common Sense could work them.

People need to know how to work the Power Controls. Many have skills. Few have the confidence to use their skills for Power Controls. The purpose of this web site is to convert the few into the many.

It is like riding a bicycle. It is easy when the skill is learnt.

In the United Kingdom the Parliament Session Powers are the Power Controls. Nothing can happen until the Citizen gets Corruption Proof and gives it to the Crown. Then something can happen. The Queen and Prince of Wales can make Trial Orders. The Lord Bishops sit as Jurors. They make Trial Decisions. They make Corruption Findings and decide Remedy Conditions. The Queen and the Prince of Wales tell the Prime Minister what must be done. Failure to do it gets a Dismissal Decision.

The Republics need Parliament Session Power Controls for the Citizen. The fact Power Controls work in the United Kingdom means they can work anywhere. When people know what they need that can demand it.

The Citizen uses Common Sense to get the Corruption Proof. The Crown uses it to make Trial Orders for Corruption Cases or Unfitness Cases. They make Corruption Findings, Remedy Entitlement Findings and Remedy Priority Findings. The Prime Minister has a chance to service the Remedy Priority Findings. Failure to do so gets a Dismissal Decision.

The Case Papers give many examples. The Findings Sets are the decisions that should be made. The Case Explanations are why they should be made. The Findings Failures are the Corruption Proof. The Case Papers to do the work.  The Citizen gets either Remedy Decisions or Corruption Proof. A Remedy Failure is a Corruption Proof Success for the next part of the process. 

The Recovery Plan has worked very well. It used Common Sense and Confidence to bring Top Politicians under control. It got Dismissal Decisions against Prime Minister Mr Blair, Mr Brown and Mrs May. It got Honourable Service from Prime Minister Mr Cameron.

The Mass Media covered parts of the Corruption Remedy Process. They did not explain the connection between the bits.

The Equity Governance web site provides an introduction to the Common Law and Equity Governance. It publishes Case Papers used for the Equity Governance Recovery Process.

This is work in progress. The Remedy Process Cases have priority.