Royal Commission + 2022 000569 + 22 CA 10743 23 + 2021 0540 + 2023 001609 + 2015 086688 Filing and Service Email

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives, State Officers and Law Court Judges,

The 2015 Plan was to start Corruption Remedy Special Measures with Dismissal Executions against Law Court Judges.  It needed a 1 Year Case Preparation. Prime Minister Mr Cameron used it for the European Referenda, led the Remain Campaign, lost and resigned. The Dismissal Executions were the next item on the Session Agenda. The Protection Fraud Network needed to stop them. They bought Leadership Votes for MP Mrs May because she was one of them.

The Bad Consequence is a 7-Year Delay in the Dismissal Executions and Additional Damage. Mass Desertions by Bright Managers forced the Protection Fraud Network to appoint Idiot Replacements to get Unquestioning Service. The result is Remorseless Stupidity. Court Rooms have Crime Scene Status, and Audio Records are Criminal Conspiracy Proof.  

The Good Consequence is that it got Remedy Denial Fraud Proof Sets against the Cabinet and Parliament. They validate a Protocol Change. Dismissal Decisions against Law Court Judges must have Execution Responsibility by the Cabinet + 14 Day Enforcement Time Limit and then Mass Publicity for the Dismissal Execution or Dismissal Default Penalty against the Prime Minister and then Mass Publicity for the Dismissal Execution against the Prime Minister or the Dismissal Failure by Parliament. The Corruption Concealment Plan of the Cabinet and Opposition Leader   

The 2022 003098 Imprisonment Fraud Appeal of the Equity Lawyer got Case Reference 2023 000569 and Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. The 2022 0062 Trial Frauds used an Assault Complaint Fraud + Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud +  22 CA 10743 23 Bail Surrender Date for 13th April 2023 for a Court Room Exclusion Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. The Custody Surrender Refusal Notices force the State and Law Courts to choose between fraud Remedies or Fraud Enforcement. The Aggravating Factors are that he has End Stage Kidney Failure with Life Saving Blood Cleaning Dialysis Treatment on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The Case Complication is that the Blood Cleaning is not complete. The body dumps the Unremoved Toxins into the flesh.  The NHS cannot treat it. The Equity Lawyer locates the Toxin Dumps cuts the skin, and massages the flesh to release the toxins. The body cannot repair the scar damage fast enough. The Scar Damage is reducing his capacity to sweat. He is on the Transplant List. He needs an Organ Match before the Case Complication kills him. He does not fear death. He can account to God.  State Officers and Law Court Judges have to choose between Remorseless Stupidity and Immediate Mass Remedies.   

Religious Leaders have been asked to prepare for service in a Replacement Judiciary.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis