Royal Commission + 2020 000286 + Contempt Fraud Appeals Notice + Judge Integrity Tests using B01B0837 + F21YY087 + E01WT861

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

TAKE NOTICE that Court Frauds will be used for Terrorism Contempt Findings + Penalties against All Guilty Parties including Law Court Judges.

TAKE NOTICE that the County Court B01B0837 + F21YY087 + E01WT861 Hearing Events on 27th and 30th April are Integrity Tests that will get either Remedy Proof for the Hearing Judges or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against them.

TAKE NOTICE that Royal Commission Emails are Effective Notice Proof for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions against the Representatives, State and Law Courts.  The Hearing Events will add Audio Records to the Document Records. The Audio records will reveal what Representation Assistance the Citizen Mrs Tedla and Citizen Mr Sood get from the Qualified Representatives and Hearing Judges.  

TAKE NOTICE that Claim Frauds B01B0837 + Corruption Claim 2020 000968 + Contempt Fraud Appeal 2020 0742 got Order Breach Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof + Mortgage Repayment Denial Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Mr Sood against Bank of Scotland, County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. The Remedy Process broke the confidence of Top Judges. They made a Blame Politicians Plan.  It needed the Remedy Jurisdiction Denial Notice Fraud dated 26th April 2021 from the Supreme Court to Citizen Mr Sood.   It failed. Top Judges cannot use Jurisdiction Legislation to commit Conflict Qualification Frauds needed to commit Remedy Denial Frauds and make Crime Profits

TAKE NOTICE that the Claim Frauds B01B0837 got Email Notice at 15.06 on 26th April 2021 from Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court that evidences:

1.       the Mortgage Valuation Access Application dated 5th November 2020 of Citizen Mr Sood got a Process Delay of 172 Days before the Case Referral to a Judge on 26th April 2021,

2.       the Eviction Enforcement Application dated 8th January 2021 got the Hearing Notice for 1st June 2021

3.       the Pending Contempt Fraud Investigation Stay Application dated 23rd February 2021 of Citizen Mr Sood got the Hearing Date for 30th April 2021

4.       A Contempt Fraud Investigation is needed to discover what explains the Hearing Delays and Separate Hearings and Hearing Priority for the Enforcement Fraud against Contempt Fraud Remedies    

TAKE NOTICE that Claim Frauds F21YY087 + E01WT861 got the Party Status Order for Bank of Scotland + Payment Obligation Order against Citizen Mrs Tedla and the Bank of Scotland + Default Penalty of Lease Forfeiture against Citizen Mrs Tedla + Order Breach Contempt Immunity Fraud for the Bank of Scotland.

TAKE NOTICE that a F21YY087 + E01WT861 Contempt Fraud Investigation Order is needed to discover the Benefit Consequences and Damage Consequences that result from the Party Status Order for the Bank of Scotland and use of it for Order Breach Contempt by the Bank of Scotland.  

TAKE NOTICE that Many Cases provide Similar Fact Proof of Mortgage Repayment Denial Fraud Conspiracies + Other Fraud Conspiracies by Banks, Auctioneers, Representatives, the Benefits Agency, Ministry of Justice, Magistrates Court, Crown Court, Criminal Division of the Court of Appeal, County Court, High Court and Civil Division of the Court of Appeal. One Proof Set against the Civil Courts is Repossession Claim Fraud D00RM168 + Bank Fraud Claim HQ18X93276 + Remedy Denial Fraud Appeals 2018 2325 + 2477.   A Mortgage Offer by a Wealthy Individual enabled the Victim to get the Proof Set.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis