Royal Commission + Fraud Appeal 2022 000706 Case Reference Notice Response + Prime Ministerial Office Unfitness Case Relevant Evidence Notice

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Formal Demand for Court of Appeal Case Reference for the 3 Fraud Appeals of the Equity Lawyer against the Trial Frauds of the Cabinet and High Court that used the Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 for the Stated Reason that:

  1. Since 2004 the Corruption Remedy process of the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority has used Case Management Services provided by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.
  2. The Royal Commission + Childhood Sabotage Fraud Claim Precedent + Election Fairness Claim Precedent + Excess Speed 422100280818 Plea Hearing Test Email sent at 19 53 on 11th April 2022 got Case Reference 2022 000706 Notice T(A Child) Email at 14.35 on 13th April 2022 from the Court of Appeal. It read:

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Master of the Court has asked me to inform you of the following;

“Applications for permission to appeal and appeals must be commenced in the Court of Appeal by filing an appellant’s notice on form N161.  Please find an appeal pack enclosed.  You will also need to file a copy of the order that you are seeking to appeal, grounds of appeal and the issue fee or a completed application for fee remission.

Please note that only legal representatives may conduct litigation on behalf of another. If you do not have a legal representative you must correspond with the court and sign your own documents for filing.”

Please quote the new case reference number “CA-2022-000706” when responding in all communications.

Kind Regards  Dahnish Saleem   Civil Appeals Office | Room E308 | Royal Courts of Justice | Strand | London | WC2A 2LL | DX 44456 Strand

  1. The Contempt Frauds committed by the Law Courts and Prime Ministers Mr Blair, Mr Brown, Mrs May and Mr Johnson denied Citizens the benefit of Legal Representation by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. Valid Due Process of the requires Contempt Fraud Remedies that acknowledge the Representation Rights of the Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.  

The attached documents are Relevant Evidence for the Prime Ministerial Office Unfitness Case Hearing on 19th April 2022 in the House of Commons

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis