Royal Commission + Fraud Appeal 2023 000569 Skeleton + Support Documents

To: Lord Lieutenants, Cabinet Representatives and Law Court Judges

End Stage Kidney Failure gets Standard Dialysis Treatment that is a partial Remedy for the Equity Lawyer. Each Session gives relief until the Life Process Toxins accumulate and the body dumps them in the flesh. They corrode the flesh and skin. The Equity Lawyer does Toxin Release Operations that do Progressive Skin Damage. he gets tired and suffers nausea. Cataracts make it harder to read and write. He started the Skeleton, expected to file it on Sunday, 23rd April 2023 but did not finish it until late on 27th April 2023. He has not had time to do a Bundle. He will try to do one in time for the hearing.

Attached are Support Documents

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis 

Royal Commission + Court of Appeal Fraud Appeal 2023 000569 + Supreme Court Fraud Appeal

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives, State Officers and Law Court Judges,

The Remedy Process needs Election Integrity Tests by the Equity Lawyer. A Phone Call Blocker prevents him receiving calls. The Election Questions will help Journalists to explain the Remedy Delays when Dismissal Executions against Law Court Judges get Mass Publicity. 

Citizen Mr Barr will respond to the 2022 100826 Dismissal Application by the Bankruptcy Trustee Lawyers, Carson McDowell LLP when the Criminal Complaint and Fraud Appeal are filed. 

Formal Demand for issue of fraud Appeal 2023 000569

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Fraud Appeal 2023 000569 + Assault Framing Fraud 22 CA 10743 23

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives, State Officers and Law Court Judges,

Cataracts force the Equity Lawyer to spend more time on documents than previously. The Hearing Attendances were exhausting. It took a week to recover from the 2022 003098 Penalty Enforcement Trial on 8th March 2023 and more than a week to recover from the Osteopath Mis-Description Trial Fraud 2022 0062. The Assault Framing Fraud 2023 0043 Sitting Conditions Fraud used a Secret Trial with intent to get an Appearance Failure and In Absence Trial. A series of Case Update Enquiry Telephone Calls by Citizen Mr Nkrumah got Trial Non-Disclosure Proof until a Confidence Collapse by a Court Officer got Oral Notice of the Secret Trial less than a week before the Trial Date.  

The Penalty Enforcement Fraud Appeal got Case Reference 2023 000569. The Pending Adjudication Enforcement Stay Applications and Custody Surrender Refusal Notice for the Magistrates Court Assault Framing Fraud Plea Hearing on 14th April 2023 and the High Court Imprisonment Fraud on 8th May 2023 are Corruption Remedy Special Remedy Tests of the State and Law Courts.

Enforcement Frauds got Forced Hearings and Sitting Condition Fraud Proof against Hearing Judges. The Northern Ireland Fraud Appeal Hearing Notice got a High Court Chancery Hearing Attendance by Citizen Mr Barr and a Court Room Venue Disclosure Denial Fraud by Court Officers. The Fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal used a Deliberately Ineffective Hearing Notice to get an Appearance Failure and used that for a Dismissal Order. The Hearing Notice Failure Case Re-opening Application forced the Court of Appeal to require a Corruption Claim 2022 100826 Dismissal Application by the Bankruptcy Trustee to get a Dismissal Order as Fraud Commitment Proof from the High Court Kings Bench.  It got a Hearing Date for 21st April 2023 but No Hearing Time. The Hearing Listing Denial Fraud Proof got by the Corruption Claim 2022 100826 Summons and Pending Adjudication Enforcement Stay Application of Citizen Mr Barr, and the Hearing Date given to the Bankruptcy Trustee is Bias Fraud Proof against the High Court Kings Bench.

In addition, the Protection Fraud Profiteers needed to stop the Shop Theft Settlement Consent Order Application because it included Contempt Immunity for many of the Business Connections of the Buyer. They needed a Legal Service Refusal. They advised him to consult the Seller Lawyers. He did and invited the Buyer, Interpreter and Equity Lawyer. It got a Settlement Service Refusal.

Top Judges are trapped by the Forced Hearings and many Organised criminals who want Immunity Negotiations in exchange for Full Disclosure about the Protection Fraud Network

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis