Royal Commission + England 2022 003098 + B01B0837 Northern Ireland 2022 100826 + Remedy Process Trial

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

The Lord Lieutenants and MPs have a duty to ensure the Crown has the attachments. 

The Equity Lawyer tries to make as much progress as possible when the King makes the Christmas Speech Decisions. The progress is unlikely to be in the content. It helps with the confidence base on which the decisions are made.  

The King is waiting for the attachments for a Corruption + Unfitness Trial or needs them to make a Corruption + Unfitness Trial Order + Evidence Production Order. Ill health prevents the Equity Lawyer from providing DETAILED Appealed Grounds. The BRIEF GROUNDS will enable the Lord Bishops to make Preliminary Corruption Findings with Reserved Power for Further Finding. It will enable them to progress to Remedy Entitlement Findings and Remedy Priority Findings.

The Best Advice gives some suggestions what they can do.

The Special Circumstances is a Vulnerability Warning to All MPs.  Goodwill + Talent has resourced the Citizens and Equity Lawyer. Parliamentary Salaries + Expenses + Crime Profits have resourced the Protection Frauds. The Emergency Housing Denial Fraud Review Claim of Citizen Mr Sood v Redbridge Council will be a Racial + Gender + Corruption Victim Bias Fraud Case. The Racial Prejudice is for War Refuges and Economic Migrants. The Gender Bias is Emergency Housing for Citizen Ms Berry but not him.  The Corruption Victim Bias is Emergency Housing for Everyone Else but not him.  

Protection Fraud Deals in the Leadership Contest got Election Propaganda Frauds for MP Ms Truss against MP Sunak.  Political Incompetence got rid of her.  Crisis Conditions forced Leadership Deals that got Cabinet Office for Protection Fraud Network Puppets and the Prime Minister’s Office for MP Mr Sunak. Remedy Delivery will make the Propaganda Frauds into Credibility Proof for him in the General Election, but Remedy Failures will not. He can use the Crime Profiteering Proof against the Ministry of Justice and Law Court Judges to force the Network Puppets to service Remedy Delivery. 

The Basildon Assault Framing Fraud Trial got a Contempt Fraud Remedy + Case Dismissal Application and an Adjourned Hearing date for 6th December 2022. The Public Gallery Assault Framing Fraud against Citizen Mr Nkrumah did Enormous Damage to the Essex Authorities. They wanted a Discredit Fraud against him. Essex Police chose a Railway Station for an Ambush Attack so that Railway Police would control the Video Record. It is Innocence Evidence for him and Perjury + Criminal Conspiracy Proof against them. The Video Possession Denials were inconsistent with the Frame Prints in the Prosecution Bundle. It is either Possession Denial Fraud Proof + Disclosure Denial Fraud Proof against Essex Police or Fraud Conspiracy Proof against both Essex Police and British Rail Police.  The Guilty Officers demanded Protection Frauds from the Crown Prosecutor. She was close to tears when she admitted that the Video Evidence was the Best Evidence and claimed the Video Evidence Production Denial Fraud validated use of Perjured Testimony and the Next Best Evidence. The Adjourned Hearing will get a Remedy Process Update from Citizen Mr Nkrumah and discover what response that gets from the Essex Authorities.

The Osteopath Misrepresentation Framing Fraud Appeal Preliminary Hearing on 13 January 2023 will get a Remedy Process Update from Citizen Ms Davies and discover what response that gets from the General Osteopathic Council and Worcester Crown Court.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + 2020 000286 + 2022 001411 + B01B0837 + E04YM867 + Creditworthiness Fraud Investigation

To: Lord Lieutenants, House of Commons Speaker, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Lord Lieutenants have a duty to forward this Royal Commission Email to the Crown. Prime Minister Ms Truss has Joint Liability for the Protection Frauds committed by the Cabinet of Mr Johnson and Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer. Fraud Claims by Citizens against the State and Cabinet got Issue Denial Fraud Proof. It validates Corruption Findings against the Cabinet and Default Penalty of a Dismissal Decision against the Prime Minister and the Ultimate Sanction of a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof, Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Protection Fraud Proof. 

The Corruption Proof against the Leaders of both Major Parties increases the need for MPs and Candidates to have Personal Credibility Proof. The Best Advice includes Sample Proposals and what they can do to get them.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Immunity Appeal Filing Notice to the Court of Appeal + Connected Case Notices to 2022 000007 + B01B0837 + E04YM867

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Royal Commission emails are Notice Proof, Filing Proof and Service Proof for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority against the Parties, State, Law Courts Cabinet and Parliament. This email will be sent to all the Royall Commission Email Addressee List and All MPs.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Sood gets:

  1. Signed for Post Filing Proof against the Court of Appeal for the Contempt Immunity Fraud Appeal Appellant Notice + Grounds + Proposals + 2022 000007 Appealed Order + Leadership Advice from the Equity Lawyer + Sale Negligence Claim E04YM867 Issues Statement
  2. Signed For Post Filing Proof against for the Sale Negligence Claim E04YM867 Issues Statement dated 15th July 2022 of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  + Leadership Advice from the equity Lawyer 

The Contempt Immunity Fraud Appeal Bundle will be filed when the Court of Appeal issues a Case Reference

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Trust Contempt Fraud Appeal CH 2022 000007 + County Court B01B0837 + H1PP8822 + F01P7696 + E04YM867

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Attached is 2022 02 13 Royal Commission + CH 2022 000007 Enforcement Stray Refusal  Hearing Demand + Jurisdiction Incapacity Remedy Precedent for Citizen Mr Father Beneficiary Sood v Trustee Mr Sood.

It is the first in this series of Jurisdiction Incapacity Precedent Test Cases. 

The Best Advice for Judge Sir Steven Stewart is to ask Justice Mr Jay about the process that got the 2020 000286 Recusal Refusal Fraud Record + Directions Order dated 3rd November 2020 and then the Recusals Reasons on Recusal Refusal Day 3 and the Directions Fraud on Recusal Refusal Day 6. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + CH 2021 000238 + QA 2022 00007 + B01B0837 + F00LE923 + FD20P00642 + ZC14D02308 + 2021 45 + 2020 7219 + All Test Cases

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Fraud Appeal CH 2021 000238 + Statutory Demand Set Aside Application 45 of 2021 Case Status Report Request dated 18th January 2022 and signed by Citizen Mr Hastunc was one of the 14 attachments to the Royal Commission Email sent at 12.38 on 20th January 2022  It is attached to this email because of Hearing Rumours for an Undisclosed Case since then.   

The Fraud Appeal QA 2020 00007 Case Management Fraud Complaint dated 21st January 2022 of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Citizen Mr Sood is supported by Case Papers and Filing Communications. The Issue Notice Email dated 13th January 2022 from No Reply Thomson Reuters and the Appellant Notice Stamp date of 7th January 2022 + Issue Notice Service Email dated 13th January 2022 from the High Court are inconsistent with the Issue Refusal Notice + Appeal Period Time Limit Expiry Notice + Papers Return Notice dated 12 January 2022 with a Day Post Delivery on 19th January 2022 that raises Backdated Forgery Suspicions.

Contempt Fraud Counterclaim Notice + Filing + Service Notice Email Advice dated 21st January 2022 for Citizen Mrs Theodorou v Child Traffickers + Cypriot Authorities +  UK Authorities.

The Retrial Fraud 2020 7219 got Hearsay Reports of a 7 Day Jury Release with Covid Compliance the Given Reason and Disclosure To Jury Arguments not between Prosecutor and Defender but between Prosecutor Counsel Ms Laura Kenyon and Prosecutor Counsel Mr Roger Smart.  Events will discover whether it is to get a Substitute Reason Fraud for a Retrial Termination that avoids the Witness Intimidation Fraud Complaint + Protection Demand getting it.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Zarb:

  1. send an email using the attached Replacement DRAFT Order the Subject in bold italics Royal Commission + F00LE923 Contempt Remedy 30 Minute Hearing for the attached Replacement DRAFT Order  
  2. respond to a Sale Enforcement Hearing Notice with a Contempt Remedy Application Hearing Priority Demand and Application Fee Payment

Polite Request that Citizen Ms Hawes uses the Press release Request Response by the Equity Lawyer for the Remedy Co-operation Investigation of the Media Industry.

In 2006 Drug Investigation Raid used about 100 officers and discovered the Business Name and Warehouse Address of Citizen Mr Serbert were a Decoy Name and Decoy Address on the Carrier Movement Records of Polish Drug Dealers. The Business Records were Decoy Fraud Proof against the Drug Traffickers and either Incompetence Proof against Incompetence Officers or Protection Fraud Proof against Corrupt Officers. Ruin Frauds against him started with Land Frauds by the Landlord and Law Courts. He has Limited English. On 23rd January 2022 Interpretation Services by Citizen Mr Say enabled a conversation between the Equity Lawyer and Citizen Mr Serbert. It enabled him to make the connection between the Drug Investigation Raid and the Ruin Frauds that lasted for years. The Ruin Fraud Duration weighs in the balance against Corrupt Officers and for Incompetent Officers who could not have lasted that long. The timing is significant. In 2004 the 1st Extradition Fraud against a British Citizen failed and discovered the Top Police, Top Customs and To[p Judges were the Top Drug Dealers. The 2nd Extradition Fraud against him needed Protection Frauds for the Top Drug Dealers in exchange for service of the 2nd Extradition Fraud.  The Protection Fraud Deal got a Profit Share for Prime Minister Mr Blair and Protection Frauds for the Top Drug Dealers. It got Improved Conditions for Career Sabotage Frauds by Corrupt Officers against Honest Officers. Some used Evidence Frauds to get Budget Waste. Investigation is needed to discover whether the Drugs Raid was one.         

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  

Royal Commission + B01B0837 + E02YM867 + G02EC632 + F00LE923 + 2021 000238 + F02ED793 + 2021 45 + 2021 0540 + 5120749 21 + SDA 3246 21 0101 IR + 2121217 21

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

Legal Service of the Royal Commission + 2021 Parliament Session Corruption Remedy Test Notice dated 26th November 20921 to the MP for Mid Bedfordshire, Chelmsford, Harborough and Worcester on trust for All MPs

Legal Notice to the 5120749 21 + SDA 3246 21 0101 IR + 2121217 21 Case Officers of the Metropolitan Police that

  1. All Cases of Citizen Mr Akwasi Nkrumah are Remedy Process Cases for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority. A Land Fraud Deal required Fraud Commitment Proof from Housing Association Officers to get Protection Fraud Supplies from Top Judges. Tenancy Forgeries by the Housing Officers got Forgery Complaints by the Citizen and Protection Fraud Demands by the Housing Officers. It got Ruin Fraud Call by Top Judges and Framing Frauds by the Metropolitan Police and then a Profit Share Demand by Top Police. It got a Profit Share Refusal by Top Judges and Ruin Fraud Service Refusals by Top Police. It forced use the Ministry of Justice Officers to complete the Ruin Frauds. Competent Case Management by the Citizen got Fraud Conspiracy Proof at every stage of the process. A Criminal Appeal by him discovered Corrupt Court Officers had used a Forged Appeal to get an Appeal Dismissal Fraud by Appeal Judges. A Fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal got a Sealed Permission Refusal Fraud  that omitted the Appeal Judge Identities.   against the Idiot Officers did not know about the Fraud Service Refusals and tried an Incompetent Effort at a Drug Crime Framing Fraud against the Citizen. They failed to equip themselves with a Drug Supply as Planted Evidence and used a Half-Eaten Shia Butter Pack for a White Substance Suspicion Fraud + Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud + Investigation Fraud + Charge Fraud + Family Sabotage Bail Conditions Fraud. It got Fraud Sabotage Fraud Support from the Local Authority. Remedy Process Case Notices and Competent Management by the Citizen broke the confidence of the Crown Prosecutors and then Local Authority Officers.
  2. The 2021 Parliament Session Priority is Remedy Delivery. It needed Responsibility Apportionment between Case Remedies by the Law Courts and Mass Remedies by Parliament. 11th May 2021 was Session Opening Day.  The next day the Citizen and Another sat in the Public Gallery and witnessed and a Motor Trial that got an Identification Refusal Fraud and Temper Tantrum and Secret Trial Fraud Plan by the Trial Judge. He left the court room and used the Judge’s Chamber to issue a Secret Public Gallery Clearance Fraud Order that got an Execution Fraud + Criminal Trespass of the Public Gallery + Assault Framing Fraud by Essex Police. Everything that could got wrong for Essex Magistrates did go wrong. It got a Fraud Admission + Confidence Collapse + Remedy Denial Fraud + Case Transfer from Essex to Hertfordshire + Plea Hearing Frauds + Crown Court Committal Fraud. It got Case Reference 2021 0297 + Fraud Admission + Confidence Collapse + Remedy Denial Fraud + Case Transfer by Crown Court Judges from St Albans to Chelmsford. It got Case Reference 2021 0540 + Case Transfer to Basildon and Secret Hearing Fraud Plan using a Hearing Notice Denial Fraud for an Appearance Failure Finding Frauds and either a Case Withdrawal Hearing Denial Fraud or an In Absence Trial Fraud. An Unused Material Notice from the Crown Prosecutor motivated Telephone Enquiries by the Citizen that discovered the Case Transfer and then the Secret Hearing. On 2nd November 2021 it got an Audio Record that is Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Crown Prosecutor and Hearing Judge. There is more.
  3. Test Cases got Confidence Collapses that denied Fraud Completion by County Court Judges and forced High Court Judges to process the Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Guilty Parties, Guilty Representatives, Guilty State Officers, Guilty Court Officers, and Guilty Law Court Judges.
  4. It is Relevant Evidence that supports the Conflict Disqualification Jurisdiction Deficit Defence of the Citizen
  5. The Case Officers can have the Email Addresses of Case Officers who processed Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Top Police       

The Attached Documents have Case References, are Self-Explanatory and Similar Fraud Fact Evidence.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis