Royal Commission + KB 2022 003098 Defence + Counterclaim + Validation Investigation Application Notice + Grounds + Draft Order and Filing and Service Email

To: Citizens, Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Parties, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

The Cabinet and Opposition Leader made a Protection fraud Concealment Plan for themselves and a Blame Plan against Law Court Judges. The Blame Plan needed Personal Responsibility Proof against Identifiable Judges for Known Frauds. It needed Case Process Denial Frauds against Supervision Judges and Audio Records against Hearing Judges.

The Fraud Initiation Proof includes the Restraint Case References dated15th November 2021 and 5th October 2022 to the Cabinet by the Supreme Court and the County Court and Without Hearing Restraint Renewal Fraud dated 16th August 2022 by the High Court.

The Royal Commission KB 2022 003098 Remedy Application Filing Email on 16th October 2022 got Process Denial Fraud Proof against the Supervising Judges of the High Court. The attachments will get either a Court Motion Validation Investigation Order before the Hearing Event on 22nd November 2022, or use of it for a Validation Investigation Application by the Equity Lawyer.

A Penalty Enforcement by the Law Courts will be a Special Protection Breach by the Cabinet.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis