Julia Spivack

Labelled “mentally ill” for acting to save human life

Dr Julia Spivack was registered with the GOsC as an osteopath and around 2002-2004 raised concerns with the GOsC that the manner in which it is regulating the profession is putting patients at risk.

This fell on deaf ears, and Dr Spivack started to conduct her own investigations at her own expense.

When the GOsC found out they perpetrated a Ruin Fraud against Dr Spivack in 2006-2007. She was framed using bogus patients claiming a false life-threatening emergency, and when Dr Spivack went to their aid as a good Samaritan act, i.e. not charging a fee she was physically assaulted, leaving her with permanent injury, and falsely accused of theft and vandalism. PC 5467 Elliot supplied false testimony to the GOsC that Dr Spivack was “purse pulling”.

The senior partner John Lockley at the GP practice where Dr Spivack’s NHS medical record is held made a false statement that she “overreacted”. The GOsC insisted on having a copy of her entire NHS medical record and used this as a basis to perpetrate a mental health fraud against her.

She was forced to undergo a psychiatric assessment by the GOsC’s own appointed psychiatrist (Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry Steven Hirsch Imperial College London) who assured the GOsC Dr Spivack is not mentally ill and in fact, stated to the GOsC that Dr Spivack impressed him as being “hard-working, caring and rational”.

The GOsC continued to pursue a case of mental unfitness against Dr Spivack and her phones were tapped.

Dr Spivack continued with her investigations and found a catalogue of many similar cases of osteopaths persecuted by the GOsC. They deployed the same modus operandus of using bogus patients for framing frauds, mental health frauds, false delusion diagnoses, fabricated false criminal allegations by the police, and the common theme was that these osteopaths were perceived as a threat to the pharmaceutical business because they were exceedingly competent osteopaths who practised more closely to the original tenets and scope of osteopathy.

Dr Spivack collated and analysed the cases into a dissertation which passed academic peer review and was validated by a UK University.

Dr Spivack also discovered proof that the GOsC are intentionally harming patients.

She tracked down one such patient and travelled to her home in Lancashire to interview her. This patient told Dr Spivack that the GOsC were the sole cause of the death of her husband – this woman was a new mother left widowed with a 2-year-old son.

Dr Spivack took the evidence to Bedfordshire Police. DS 793 Terry Davis took up the case and asked Lancashire Police to conduct a Police Video Interview with the patient. DS Terry then contacted Dr Spivack to tell her he had got “two files of good evidence from Lancashire Police” and wanted to meet to discuss how to progress the investigation. DS 793 Terry asked Dr Spivack to make an inventory of GOsC staff to be arrested and how best to go about it. He asked if Dr Spivack would make a presentation to a group of senior police officers in Bedfordshire Police and that he would have to ask his Inspectors for additional resources and clearance from the Metropolitan Police because the GOsC office is in Central London.

When DS Terry approached his Inspectors for additional resources, DS Terry was demoted and Dr Spivack was arrested under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act. A police helicopter and four police cars arrived at her house, from which she was forcibly abducted in handcuffs and taken to a secure psychiatric unit at Bedford Hospital.

With the help of GP John Lockley (Ampthill, Bedfordshire), psychiatrists fabricated a diagnosis of delusional disorder. Dr Spivack appealed to a mental health tribunal and won – the Judge commended her on her eloquence.

In 2010 Dr Spivack resigned from the GOsC register after visiting her MP, Nadine Dorries, who refused to help, such as arranging an appointment with Prime Minster David Cameron to discuss the GOsC harming patients.

Dr Spivack stated in her resignation letter that she would continue to use the title Osteopathic Physician on her website only – she did this only to provoke the GOsC to take her to court so she could get the evidence of GOsC harm to patients into the court system – however, Bedford Magistrates Court would not admit her evidence, and on 1 June 2012 she was convicted of Section 32i violation of the Osteopaths Act 1993.

In 2012 Dr Spivack received a document that proved that the GOsC turned a blind eye to osteopaths sexually abusing patients and turned against the whistle-blower osteopath who reported it to the GOsC.

Dr Spivack has found proof of the GOsC turning a blind eye to bogus osteopaths. In 2013 Dr Spivack, after years of lobbying the government on GOsC misfeasance, finally received letters (attached below) from the Home Office and the Department of Health stating there was nothing they could do about the GOsC harming patients.

Dr Spivack had organised a team of people to go through the statutory register and email osteopaths with her corruption findings. Mr Ellis heard of Dr Spivack’s work through an osteopath who received the email and contacted her in 2013. They met in 2014.

In July 2015, Dr Spivack emailed DS Terry Davies at Bedfordshire Police to request the two files of evidence from Lancashire Police for the Royal Commission. Dr Spivack was informed that Terry Davies is no longer with the Force, and his collar number has been reassigned. Two days later, while Dr Spivack was driving, she was ambushed by a police car, and her car was seized, never to be returned.

There have been at least three assassination attempts against Dr Spivack between 2007 and 2018.

Dr Spivack’s first degree is in pharmacology – she has worked in the pharmaceutical industry at all stages of drug development. She completed a 6-year undergraduate training at the London School of Osteopathy and six years postgraduate training at the Sutherland Cranial College and the John Wernham College of Classical Osteopathy. She also holds a degree in Homoeopathy and a Master’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine.