Julia Spivack

In 1996-7, Julia Spivack was employed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer as a Medical Writer to write clinical trial reports on the drug sildenafil (marketed as Viagra). Julia included Severe Adverse Visual Side Effects in a clinical report to be included in the submission dossier for the application to the MCA for a marketing license for sildenafil. She was forced to resign as she refused to lie by omission. Julia did not realise that thereafter she was regarded as a Corruption Exposure Risk for Pfizer and the Pharmaceutical Industry (she knows too much) and that it made her a target for a Registration Refusal Fraud and later a Ruin Fraud by the General Osteopathic Council.

Statutory regulation of the osteopathic profession by the Government enabled the pharmaceutical industry + medical profession to control it in order to subdue it to protect pharmaceutical business and allopathic hegemony.