Contempt Frauds and Other Case Investigation Enquiries

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader and All MPs,

The 1st Criminal Trial Fraud against Citizen Mr Pead used an Invented Complainant + Complaint Fraud. It got a Restraint Fraud. It was an Obvious Self-Evident Fraud because the Crown Court did not have the power to make it. The Norfolk Authorities used the Obvious Fraud for the 7th Criminal Trial Fraud. It is Restraint Breach Contempt 2017 0417 Trial Fraud. The Remedy Process broke the confidence that MPs and Law Court Judges could provide Protection Frauds. Corrupt Officers used Total Destruction of the 1st Criminal Trial Records for a Protection Fraud. The Norfolk Authorities were left with the Obvious Fraud that is Crime Proceeds of a Criminal Trial Fraud. The Contempt Fraud Remedy Hearing for Citizen Mr Pead is in Norwich Crown Court on Friday 11th October 2019. The Corrupt Officers needed an Enforcement Fraud for use at the Remedy Hearing. They used an Unidentified Criminal Case Pretence Fraud + £5,529.50 Fine Default and Costs Pretence Fraud + Mastons Reference 9338481 for Reference Good Recovery Enforcement Fraud to enable use of the remedy hearing for a Sentence Breach Enforcement Fraud. They are too late.  The Contempt Remedy Hearing will get either Remedy Co-operation Proof for the Hearing Judge or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the Judge

Corruption Proof against Central London County Court helped to get the Surprise General Election and a Long Session of 2 ½ years for Remedy management. Central London County Court managed the Lodger Eviction Court Frauds against Citizen Mr Zarb during the Long Session.  He is a Devout Roman Catholic with a Naive Personality. He used the Corruption Proof against London Judges for a Trial Fraud Appeal QA 2018 0239 to the High Court and an Appeal Case Transfer Application to Leicester County Court. It infuriated Top Judges. They made Ruin Fraud Demands and got a Harassment Crime Framing Fraud against him. It used an Allegedly 14 Year Old Girl for a School Research Conversation + Young Adult Impersonation Fraud against Citizen Mr Zarb. She gave him a Contact Number and used the 3rd Contact for a Harassment Complaint Fraud. On 18th September 2019 the Appeal Requirement Breach Sanction Relief Applications hearing in Royal Court 37 got Costs Fraud Proof against the Claim Lawyers and High Court Justice Mr Jacobs.  The equity lawyer has not had time to visit Leicester and examine all the Case Records. He has enough for the Contempt Special Enquiry Proposals  

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis



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