Corruption Control Jurisdiction Proposals for Advanced Electronic Signatures

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councilors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Crown and Lord Bishops require Actual Notice for Basic Purposes and Effective Notice for Consent Purposes. Dictator Governance used Notice Denial Conditioning. On the evidence available Denial Discipline is a Key Qualification for Top Office. Denial Discipline Breakdowns get Denial Behavior Admissions. In 2004 the British Defence Lawyer refused to use Innocence Evidence or make a Bail Application for the Extradition Fraud Victim. About 2 or 3 years later, a chance meeting outside Dover Magistrates Court got a Brazen Admission from the Defence Lawyer to the Equity Lawyer that Prosecution Evidence was the Only Evidence and he had No Interest in Defence Evidence. Body Language and Words and made it a Complete Expression.  Test Cases got Similar Fact Admissions and Representation Refusals. 

Notice Denial Conditioning is Relevant Evidence when making Effective Notice Decisions.  It needs Denial Conditioning Counter Measures. The Repeat Notices have two functions. They enable a Notice Finding by the Crown and Lord Bishops against All Relevant Officers and Judges. They are Denial Conditioning Counter Measures.

British Citizens created the capacity for New Markets that are conditional on Consumer Confidence. The British Economy needs the New Markets.

In 1998 the Successful Development of Signature Analysis Technology by British Citizens enabled Advanced Electronic Signatures. The British had the World Lead in providing Reliable Identification and Personal Data Controls that created New Markets for Sophisticated Services at Value Prices that enabled Huge Profits. They were Wholly Dependent on Consumer Confidence that was Wholly Dependent on Credible Independence of the Service Providers.

The Politicians agreed the European Dictator Governance Standard and lost control of it to Protection Fraud Networks. The result was an Incredibility Disqualification against the State as Service Provider of Advanced Electronic Signatures and the need for a Credible Citizen as Service Providers. He needed a Credible Succession to manage Key Responsibilities. Equity Religion Leaders were the Obvious Choice. They needed Adequate Budgets and Budget Security.  

The Business Profit Plan was On Line Services. The Business Defence Plan was Source Code Secrecy. The Market Defence Plan was to vest Key Responsibilities in Equity Religion Leaders and use Key Markets to provide Adequate Budgets and Budget Security.

Dictator Power Obsessions compromised the intelligence of European Leaders. They did not understand the Vital Importance of Credible Independence. They made a Profit Plan. It needed Signature Analysis Source Code Theft, Electronic Signature Dictator Powers, Compulsory Usage of the Signature Technology and Usage Licence Fees that got Huge Profits for the Source Code Thieves. They failed. They used Market Frauds against the Signature Analysis Technology and the Equity Lawyer. One used Advanced Electronic Signature Licence Applications to identify Market Fraud Targets.

International Patents used Motor Vehicle Data for Risk Assessment and Premium Pricing. The British State decided to use it for Spy Operations that needed a Location – Data Link. Norwich Union bought the Patent Rights for European States, developed New Technology that linked Vehicle Data to Location and allowed the British State to monitor All Usage. They did not know how to use Vehicle Data for Driving Analysis. They asked a Computer Competent Mechanic for Data Interpretation Advice Meeting. He invited the Equity Lawyer who gave Market Warning that failure to provide Data Protection Guarantees would destroy Consumer Confidence. He made a Trade Offer of Data Interpretation in exchange for Insurance Products for On Line Services with Advanced Electronic Signatures. They ignored the Trade Offer and Market Warnings. Live Testing of the Internet Document Management Technology was in progress. The Secret Service installed an Electronic Surveillance Loop at the Docklands Exchange and monitored All Tests. It was Success Proof for the Document Management System. The European Leaders used the Success Proof for Career Sabotage Frauds against the Internet Technology Developer. About 3 years later the Vehicle Data Insurance Service failed with 1,500 Redundancies and Total Destruction of Consumer Confidence for Other Services. 

The British had a World Lead and lost 22 years making the best of it.  Now they can make the best of what remains of the New Markets. Good Progress with Advanced Electronic Signatures will benefit the British in International Trade Negotiations.

The People will have Advanced Electronic Signatures. They will discover Market Frauds denied use of them for more than 20 years. The Equity Lawyer makes a Negotiation Offer to the Prime Minster and Cabinet on Corruption Remedy Co-operation Conditions.

The Best Advice is that MPs make Polite Enquiries whether Equity Religion Leaders are willing to help the People with Governance Credibility Recovery on Sensible Terms.   

Equity Lawyer Mr. Ellis

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