Edward William Ellis on the Queens Speech and Royal Commission into the Criminal Justice System


Hello! Well there Good Afternoon! Today is Saturday the 21st of December 2019 and we have Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis to share some information for us.

The Parliament Session Agreements contain Corruption Remedy Conditions. Most of the time the Conditions are secret. What is read out by the Queen is the public part of the agreement. The 2019 Parliament Session Agreement has in the public part of it a Corruption Remedy Condition that requires a Royal Commission.

In 2017 Mrs May was forced into having a general election so that there could be a two and a half year long parliamentary session to enable completion of corruption investigations of the law courts, get corruption cases against judges in Parliament and continue the corruption investigations in Parliament using the corruption cases against the top judges.

the long session got criminal conspiracy proof against organised criminals, the media the state the law courts and many politicians.

A lot of cases were used to prepare for the 2019 general election. Those cases got criminal conspiracy proof against organized criminals, the media, the state, the law courts and top politicians before and during the election campaign period. All of that evidence is relevant evidence for the Royal Commission they are now going to have to deal with that evidence in public. All of the efforts of the corrupt offices have been to pretend nothing was happening. The pharmaceutical industry and other big business bought market frauds in the whole of the European Union they wanted to continue with the market frauds after Brexit. They are now most concerned that the Royal Commission will expose the nature and extent of the market frauds. Our challenge as citizens is to ensure that the Parliament staffs the Royal Commission with people who do not have conflicted interests and that we force cooperation by politicians. We have a cunning plan to force them to do so. The cunning plan will be explained in stages. The Queen’s speech was only two days ago. Some of the preparations have already been put in progress. I will speak again.

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