Election and Mental Health Fraud

Mr Speaker, Prime Minister Mr Johnson and All MPs

The Speaker hold this email on trust for All MPs.

The 2017 General Election got a 44 Vote Majority for the Nantwich and Crewe MP.

In early 2018 Citizen Mr Mustafa assisted with Corruption Investigations that got Fraud Proof against Cheshire Police, Crown Prosecutors, Defenders and Crown Court Judges. In May 2019 Citizen Mr Mustafa stood as an Independent Candidate in the East Cheshire Council Elections, got Campaign Sabotage Fraud Proof and 55 Votes. In the 2019 Parliamentary Election the Labour Candidate and Labour Supporters feared that Citizen Mr Mustafa would stand as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate. They used Election Campaign Sabotage Frauds to stop him doing so. They started with Paedophile Defamation Frauds on a Facebook Account that has 20,000 Local Users.  They procured Car Theft Investigation Frauds by Cheshire Police that got an Arrest Fraud, Mental Illness Case Reference Fraud and Mental Health Custody Fraud against him. The Mental Health Tribunal Hearing is listed for 19th December 2019.

Citizen Mr Mustafa has agreed use of his case for Criminal Investigations of Election Frauds.

The Corruption Investigations got Money Laundering Proof against the Metropolitan Police Officers and Law Court Judges during the Election Campaign Period.  Corrupt Officers sold Protection Frauds to Drug Dealers. They needed New Businesses for Money Laundering, Corrupt Officers planned Business Thefts.

The case of Citizen Mr Yediayli evidences the nature and scale of the operation. He has Turkish Literacy, English Illiteracy, a Business Administration Skills Deficit and Fast Food Shop Skills. From 2005 to 2019 he had a Profitable Business with No Books. In 2014 he took a Mistress. She had an Obsessive Personality Disorder. She became very demanding. He terminated the relationship. Metropolitan Police Officers gave Criminal Immunity to the Mistress, Her Sister and Her Daughter and got Harassment Perjury by them against him. The Crown Court Judge noticed Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds by the Prosecutor and Defender. His Trial Management got an Acquittal decision by the Jury. He gave Claim Advice for Mr Yediayli against the Metropolitan Police, Crown Prosecutors and Defenders.  He was Emotionally Exhausted and Financially Drained. He had Forced Sale Conditions. He consulted Sale Lawyers who did nothing to protect his interest. The Buyer made a Cash Payment, Accounting Promises and Future Payment Promises in exchange for Premature Possession and then committed Promise Breaches.  Citizen Mr Yediayli made a Business Theft Complaint. The Metropolitan Police ignored it.

A Citizen was servicing the Integrity Tests for the Remedy Process. He discovered the case and made a Case Reference to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. The Claim QB 2019 003741 was to get the Purchase Prices or Business Recovery. It was a Damage Limitation Action for the Corruption Claim QB 2019 003984 against the Attorney General, Metropolitan Police, Justice Ministry and Law Society. The Damage Limitation Applications in Both Cases gave High Court Masters the choice of a £150,000 Damage Reduction for the Ministry of Justice or Unjust Enrichment Frauds for the Buyers.  They chose the Unjust Enrichment Frauds, called on Top Police for an Investigation Fraud and Perverse Findings against Citizen Mr Yediayli.

Citizen Mr Yediayli, Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Interpreter Mr Say attended the Complainant Interview on Complaint Day 59. They presented Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the High Court Masters. It was used for a Case Reference up the Command Chain.

The People have Corruption Cases against Top State Officers, Law Court Judges and Mass Remedy Demands.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis                  


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