Fake “Investigative Sci-Tech Journalist” Ramola Dhamaraj – Corruption Remedy Saboteur.

Ramola Dhamaraj is based in or near Boston, Massachusetts, USA claiming to be an “Investigative Sci-Tech Journalist”.  This woman has taken content from British Corruption Investigator Dr Julia Spivack and used it to write an article which is largely fanciful gossip and posted it on her website, “The Everyday Concerned Citizen”, without Dr Spivack’s consent or permission whatsoever and in a way that discredits Dr Spivack, Mr Edward Ellis and the Corruption Remedy Process.  

She has posted letters and emails, some of which are of a legal nature marked “confidential”.    She has invited visitors to her website to circulate it on social media.   She refuses to remove the offending content after repeated requests and has ceased to communicate, and refuses to discuss the matter reasonably.

In particular, Ramola Dhamaraj introduced Dr Spivack as a “whistleblower on pharmaceutical corruption and crime”, which is absolutely untrue – Dr Spivack has never done any such thing, and Dr Spivack is NOT against the pharmaceutical industry.  What Dr Spivack has whistle blown on is harm to patients perpetrated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).  She describes Dr Spivack as an Osteopath when Dr Spivack is not registered with the GOsC – thus framing Dr Spivack for a criminal offence.   She prominently describes Mr Ellis as “Leading Mass Corruption Remedy in the UK”, thus endorsing the fraudulent Judgement against Mr Ellis by Mr Justice Kerr.  Mr Ellis is not “leading”; he is managing – the citizen is leading the corruption remedy process.   She states that Dr Spivack has written “directly to the King”, which is untrue.   Moreover, her article presents the material in a writing style Dr Spivack is very uncomfortable with and is inappropriate for the subject matter being presented.

Clearly, Ramola Dhamaraj is not a genuine journalist because she has flouted basic journalistic/publishing protocol and ethics by not seeking permission and misrepresenting the facts. 

She has either been recruited as a stooge to publish malicious disinformation about Mr Ellis, Dr Spivack and the Corruption Remedy Process, or she is a fantasist of unsound mind lacking the intellectual calibre to understand the subject matter and report accurately in a dignified tone.   Clearly, she has no academic training and has no understanding of the laws pertaining to authorship and ownership of material.

Dr Julia Spivack BSc(Hons), DO, MSCC, MICO, Dip Hom, MSc(Ayur), BSc(Hons)(Hom).

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