Fraud Appeals 2020 0395, 2020 0396, 2020 0742, PI 10942, PI 11312, F02ED973, ZC14D02308 and Probate Estate Email

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Cabinet and Prime Minister will have to explain Business Loan Bias Frauds for Organised Criminals against Corruption Victims. Parliament can use Corruption Claims to ask Bias Fraud Questions. The Shop Theft Cases 2019 003741 is a Damage Mitigation Action for Corruption Claim 003984 in which the Prime Minister has Defendant Status. Parliament can use the cases to discover whether there were Loan Bias Frauds for the Shop Thieves against the Theft Victim. There are Similar Fact Cases.

The Cabinet and Prime Minister have to explain use of Money Laundering Powers to stop Support Payments by Citizens to Corruption Refugees. On Friday 7th August 2020 a Citizen received a Windfall Payment. He decided to give it to the Corruption Refugee. The Payment Instructions got use of Money Laundering Powers for a Payment Refusal by the Counter Officer at the Local Bank. Corrupt Officers use True Evidence Exclusion Frauds and False Evidence Admission Frauds for Finding Frauds and use them for Enforcement Frauds. The Citizen explained he had known the Corruption Refugee for 20 years, done business with him, become friends, and had used Bank Accounts with the Same Bank for Previous Payments and at least one was on the Computer Screen. The Bank Officer received the Witness Testimony of the Citizen, ignored it and used an Undisclosed False Evidence Admission Fraud for a Scam Finding Fraud and called Essex Police for an Enforcement Fraud. It got Identical Repeat Frauds by the Police Officers. They had No Enforcement Powers. They tried Intimidation Frauds to silence the Citizen. It got a Silence Refusal by the Citizen. They asked Bank Officers for Eviction Fraud Instructions. The Citizen asked in a loud voice ‘Do the Bank Officers want an Eviction Fraud to stop the Citizen paying his friend of 20 years’ or words of very similar meaning. Bank Officers lost confidence for the Eviction Fraud. The Police Officers left. The Citizen did not trust the system. He used a Small Sum for a Payment Test with intent to get Payment Confirmation from the Refugee and then pay more. The timing is not surprising because of progress made by the Remedy Process.

The Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Revocation Application Hearing is listed for 25th August 2020. In 2014 the Protection Fraud Network used a Business Expansion Plan to avoid Total Collapse. It needed a Corruption Co-ordination Case to get Fraud Knowledge Admissions + Remedy Denial Fraud Commitments from hundreds of State Officers and Law Court Judges. They used the Family Sabotage Frauds against Citizen Mrs Theodorou and her 6 Children.  Mr Theodorou is Chronically Immature and a Half Organised Criminal. He bought Court Frauds and then made Bought Fraud Boasts. The Bought Frauds included the Divorce Property Frauds for him against Citizen Mrs Theodorou. The Remedy Process needed a Corruption Case with Children Victims of Property Frauds. Citizen Mrs Theodorou gave use of the Divorce Property Case. The rest of this Royal Commission Email will enable them to make Informed Decisions whether to continue or end the Divorce Property Frauds. It will enable Honourable Parliamentarians to ask fraud Management Questions in Unfitness Cases against Top Judges in Parliament

The Remedy Process needed Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof and Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Top Judges. Citizens got it. Top Judges had many Conflicted Interests and used Conflict Qualification Frauds to get the Case Control, and use it for Case Dismissal Frauds and Restraint Frauds against Citizens to provide Protection Frauds for Organised Criminals. Top Judges were among the Organised Criminals who benefitted from the Protection Frauds. Top Judges used Core Bundle Appeal Regulations and Case Officers and Case Masters to commit Evidence Exclusion Frauds against the Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof. The problem they have now is Fraud Appeals in which the Core Bundles contain the Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof.

The Supreme Court ignored the Protection Breach Fraud Appeal filed by Citizen Ms Berry. She filed it electronically early in the morning before appearing at the Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Contempt Trial Fraud on 21st July 2020. A Justice of the High Court and a Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal sat as Trial Judges. The Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 got Pending Adjudication Trial Stay Protection Rights for the Citizen against the State. The Trial Judges acknowledged the Protection Rights by using the Pretence Fraud that a Remedy Application Dismissal in the Fraud Appeal was a Fraud Appeal Dismissal. The Fraud Appeal in the Supreme Court anticipated the Pretence Fraud. The Trial Judges ignored the fraud Appeal in the Supreme Court. Citizen Ms Berry and most of the Public Gallery Witnesses walked out. The Court Clerk locked the Court Doors with One Public Gallery Witness in the Public Gallery. The State Prosecutor wanted an In Absence Trial Fraud. The Trial Judges lost the confidence for the In Absence Trial Fraud, used the Pending Appeal Protection Rights for a Trial Adjournment, and then made Trial Orders that were Protection Breach Contempt Frauds. Citizen Ms Berry used it for Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Appeal 2020 PI 11312 in the Court of Appeal. The Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 and the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 got Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof against State Representatives, Justices in the High Court, Lord Justices in the Court of Appeal and the Master of the Rolls. The Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Case Officer and Case Master used Core Bundle Appeal Regulations for Exclusion Frauds against Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof.  The Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Appeal 2020 PI 11312 will have a Core Bundle that contains the Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof.

Fraud Management uses Legislation Frauds, Regulation Frauds, Precedent Frauds, Policy Frauds, Practice Frauds and Delegation Frauds. Parliament needed Undeniable Court Records of Court Frauds for Fraud Management Questions in Unfitness Cases against Top Judges. They required that the Court of Appeal provide Sealed Orders as Undeniable Court Records of Delegation Frauds to a Court Master and Court Lawyer and Dismissal Frauds by them.

The Court of Appeal used a Contempt Fraud Appeal 2020 0742 Sealed Order dated 7th August 2020 to evidence a Delegation Fraud to Master Levey and Dismissal Fraud + Reasons Fraud by him. On 20th March 2020, the Citizen filed the Fraud Appeal. The Corona Virus Emergency denied Appeal Case Process for weeks. The Fraud Appeal Issue Notice got Rapid Process by the Citizen. The Dismissal Decision uses Bundle Filing Time Limit Breaches before the Appeal Issue Date. The Citizen will exercise the Review Rights. The Sealed Order is an Undeniable Court Record that will enable Fraud Management Questions in Unfitness Cases against Top Judges in Parliament.

The Court of Appeal used a Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 Sealed Order dated 10th August 2020 to evidence a Delegation Fraud to a Court of Appeal Lawyer and a Dismissal Fraud and Reasons Fraud by her against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. It bears Seals on all 3 pages. It does not disclose the Judicial Office used for a Sealed Order. It gives Core Bundle Failure Reasons but omits Conflict Qualification Frauds and Fraud Remedy Applications. The Sealed Order is an Undeniable Court Record that will enable Fraud Management Questions in Unfitness Cases against Top Judges in Parliament.

The Supreme Court refused to process Fraud Appeal Papers that identify the Respondent as Thug Mr Stephen Seton and require the Citizen to get an Appeal Permission from the Court of Appeal.  Mr Seton is a Violent Criminal. He likes to be taken seriously. He works for a Crime Gang. He makes Thug Criminal Boasts. The Crime Gang provides Violent Intimidation Services for Top Police, Top Prosecutors and Top Judges. They use Mr Seton for some of the Violent Intimidation Services. He relies on Protection Frauds from Top Police, Top Prosecutors and Top Judges. They relied on Protection Frauds from Top Politicians including Attorney General Mr Cox, Prime Minister Mrs May and Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn. In the spring of 2019 the Remedy Process got what it needed for a Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mrs May and a Forced General Election. The Remedy Process was likely to give Corruption Victims the confidence to make Criminal Complaints. Top Police, Top Prosecutors and Top Judges needed Damage Limitation Action. They made a Mass Intimidation Plan. It needed a Vulnerable Target with Internet Skills to give Internet Publicity to Violent Intimidation Frauds to silence Corruption Victims. They chose Citizen Mr Cant as the Vulnerable Target. They used Mr Seton as the Violent Thug. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. A Crime Complaint and Harassment Claims got Protection Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Cant, Parliament and the Crown against Mr Seton, Top Police, Top Prosecutors and Top Judges. Citizen Mr Cant got issue of Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 in the Court of Appeal. It identified the Respondent as Thug Mr Seton. He did not object, nor did anyone else. Top Judges demanded a Damage Limitation Action. They got Investigation Frauds and Prosecution Frauds by the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecutors and an Assault Minimum Charge against Mr Seton. The intent was to get Trial Fraud Results  that Top Judges could use for an Appeal Dismissal Fraud against Citizen Mr Cant. Crown Prosecutors lost confidence. They issued a Re-investigation Order. The Investigation Frauds included failing to get Event Witness Evidence from an Event Witness. He used the Re-investigation to file a Witness Statement that explained Relevant History and Violent Events and made an Immunity Proposal for Mr Seton in exchange for Full Disclosure how he got the Protection Frauds. It got an Immediate Unexplained Case Withdrawal by the Crown Prosecutors. The Master of the Rolls uses Royal Court 71. The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Permission Hearing was listed for 29th July 2020 in Royal Court 71. It needed a Resource Allocation by the Master of the Rolls. The Hearing Event got an Audio Record and Appeal Permission Refusal that completed the Protection Fraud Proof Set against Top Judges. The Supreme Court has objected to identification of the Respondent as Thug Mr Seton. Citizen Mr Cant will please amend the Appeal Papers to identify the Respondent as Mr Stephen Seton. He will please add somewhere in each of the Appeal Papers the words, “Mr Seton is proud of being a Violent Criminal. He did not object to Harassment Claim Papers and Fraud Appeal Papers identifying him as Thug Mr Seton”.  He will please make a Fraud Appeal Permission Application to the Court of Appeal.

The Lease Claim Fraud F02ED793 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Tenant against the Organised Crime Landlord, Representatives and Law Court Judges. The Possession Denial Appeal of the Landlord got a Hearing Date for 3rd August 2020. It gave the Citizen Tenant a chance to present the Criminal Conspiracy Proof. The County Court Judges dare not receive it. The High Court Judges received the Corruption Claim, dare not issue it and dare not receive a Fraud Appeal from the Citizen Tenant. The Law Court Judges needed a Hearing Avoidance Fraud. They used an Adjournment Fraud with notice to the Landlord but not the Citizen Tenant. On the Wednesday an Apparently Friendly Telephone Call from one of the Landlord Directors to the Citizen Tenant did not disclose anything. The Citizen Tenant attended for the Appeal Hearing with the Interpreter and Friends. The Landlord Representatives did not attend. The Court Officer claimed the Adjournment Order was made the previous week but could not produce it. The Landlord tried a Bankruptcy Fraud for Rent Collection. It failed. The Landlord and Directors face Criminal Prosecutions, Crime Proceeds Finding and Asset Forfeiture Orders. They have Technical Cleverness and Judgmental Poverty.  They are in trouble. They do not know what to do. On Monday 10th August the Citizen Tenant received reports from Food Staff of Violent Acts by a Criminal Thug. The Citizen Tenant filed a Crime Complaint with the Metropolitan Police. The Citizen Tenant knows what to do. He makes an Open Offer to the Landlord and Directors for Settlement Negotiations on Corruption Remedy Terms. The Citizen Tenant will consider accepting the Landlord’s Title free from All Encumbrances as Part Payment of the Corruption Damages. The Citizen Tenant will consider a Corruption Claim Release for the Landlord and Directors in exchange for Cleared Payment of Substantial Damages and Witness Testimony that makes Full Disclosure about Corruption Management and identifies All Liable Parties. The Citizen Tenant will consider giving Settlement Hearing Rights to the Prime Minister before Final Commitment.

The Human Genome Project got High Values for Human Organs got by Genetic Defects. Corrupt Doctors used Genetic Defect Diagnosis Frauds and Miscarriages, Abortions and Murders and Human Organ Thefts for Sale Profits. The Murder of Baby Sunaina Chaudhari on 26th October 2000 exposed the use of Diagnosis Frauds for Human Organ Thefts. It coincided with a Health Corruption Debate in Parliament. Prime Minister Mr Blair and the Pharmaceutical Industry traded Protection Frauds for Election Campaign Finance for the 2001 General Election. The Murdered Baby had a Mother who was a Science Teacher and a Maternal Aunt who was a Qualified Pharmacist and a Maternal Grand Father who was an Equity Lawyer. Between 2000 and 2004 they and a Friend, who was an Equity Lawyer, got Murder Concealment Fraud Proof against All Relevant Authorities. They kept the Baby’s Body as Corruption Proof in the hope they would one day get Corruption Remedies.  Later in 2004 a Corruption Notice to the Crown and Parliament started a Corruption Remedy process. It used a series of Corruption Investigations that got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Prime Minster Mr Blair.  In 2006 the Crown and Lord Bishops used it for a Dismissal Decision against him. He signed a 10 Month Retirement Notice to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof against him. He used the Retirement Period to make Protection Fraud Arrangements. He issued a Baby’s Body Destruction Order. The Family found out and moved the Baby’s Body to India and applied for a Death Inquest. The Indian High Court made a Body Preservation Order and a Case Reference to the Supreme Court, Royal Commission and Parliament to get Death Inquest Powers for Out of State Deaths.  The Protection Fraud Network managed Ruin Frauds against the Mother and Maternal Aunt. They got Corruption Damage but failed to get the Total Ruin of either of them. The Protection Fraud Network used Bribery and Blackmail to get Family Members to assist with the Ruin Frauds. They included the use of Forged Documents for Asset Thefts against the Mother. In 2016 the Mother and Maternal Aunt agreed to help with Corruption Investigations for the Remedy Process. The Mother made Will Gifts subject to Corruption Remedy Conditions and told them.  It got Remedy Co-operation Refusal Proof against the Brother, Youngest Sister and Former Husband that was Gift Disqualification Proof against them. It got Remedy Co-operation Proof that was Gift Qualification Proof for the Oldest Sister. The Mother died on 6th December 2018. The Ruin Frauds left her with a Small Estate and No Inheritance Tax Liability. The Small Estate included Corruption Damage Claims that have Nil Value or Nominal Value because of Dispute Discounts. The Remedy Process had made progress. The Protection Fraud Network needed Management Sabotage Frauds against the Probate Estate of the Mother. The Brother and Youngest Sister started to service the Probate Estate Frauds and then lost confidence. They dare not make Fraud Admissions or engage in Settlement Negotiations. The Protection Fraud Network lost use of Family Members for Estate Management Frauds. They used Non Disclosure Frauds by Asset Holders. Asset Enquiries for the Inheritance Tax Accounts got Enquiry Acknowledgments from Asset Holders and Case References to Bereavement Officers most of whom did not disclose Asset Details or make contact. There was no point taking any further action until the Remedy Process got Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof and Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Organised Criminals, Qualified Lawyers and Top Judges. It was easy to get. Top Judges had Theft Partnerships with Organised Criminals, Qualified Lawyers and State Officers. Theft Victims got the Fraud Proof Sets against Justices of the High Court and Lord Justices of the Court of Appeal. It enabled progress with the Probate Estate. The Inheritance Tax Accounts use Nil Values or Nominal Values for Suspected Assets and Fraud Damage Claims. The Protection Fraud Network uses No Liability Certificate Denial Frauds by Inheritance Tax Officers for Probate Grant Sabotage Frauds. The Inheritance Accounts will discover whether that is what happens in the Mother’s Probate Estate.

The CS Ellis Probate Estate got Estate Management Sabotage Fraud Proof against a Family Member. Then it got No Liability Certificate Denial Fraud Proof against Inheritance Tax Officers. Then it got Estate Management Sabotage Fraud Proof against Justices of the High Court and Lord Justices of the Court of Appeal and Master of the Rolls. It is a Comparator Case for Probate Estates including the Mother’s Estate.

The Crown and Parliament need Official Records from Parties for Verification Tests of Official Records. The Harassment Case got a Restraint Orders and Restraint Variation Order for an Organised Crime Lawyer against Citizen Mr Taylor. The Equity Lawyer asked Both Parties for the Restraint Orders for Verification Tests. Citizen Mr Taylor had the confidence to get Internet Publicity for 65 pages before the Variation Order but after it did not have the confidence to provide the Restraint Orders for the Integrity Tests. It is not surprising. He has had a miserable time. The Restraint Orders might contain Remedy Co-operation Restraints against him. The Organised Crime Lawyer ignored the Restraint Order Request. The Organised Crime Lawyer asked to be removed from the Email Address List for Royal Commission Emails. Metropolitan Police Officer DC Mr Martin has Common Interests with the Organised Crime Lawyer.  He can service the Remedy Process by giving her notice of this paragraph. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


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