Mass Remedies Update

Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader and Honourable MPs,

Diplomatic Relations needs Prime Minster Mr Johnson to give the European Leaders notice that Fair Elections in the UK need Mass Remedies for Corruption Victims and Corruption Exposure against the European Constitution and everything it governs.   

Fair Elections need Corruption Claim Tests and Election Fairness Claim Tests. They continue to get Issue Denial Fraud Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court.

The Murder of Journalist Ms Jill Dando and the Murder Framing Fraud against Mr Barry George and the Murder Cover Up Ruin Frauds against Citizen Mr Barry Brooks were State Ordered.

The Cover Up Case Officers committed Before Charge Crime Proceeds Asset Forfeit Frauds against Citizen Mr Brooks because they expected the State Ordered Murder against him. The Court Appointed Forensic Accountant traced Seized Assets to Private Mortgage Payments for the Case Investigators. The Trial Judge classified it as a Clerical Error. There were 4 Attempted Murders against Citizen Mr Brooks. They failed. The Trial Frauds included Criminal Defamation Frauds in 12 Documentary Broadcasts by the BBC against him during the Jury Trial. They used Misrepresentation Frauds that he did not suffer from Crippling Injuries of 5 Broken Vertebrae and 6 Crushed Discs got in a Road Traffic Collision and that Diving Photographs taken 3 years before the Crippling Injuries were taken when he was claiming Disability Benefits. There are Similar Fact Cases of Propaganda Frauds for the Protection Fraud Network and the State against Citizens by the Mass Media.  

The cases of Citizen Mr Brooks have been reserved for Mass Remedies needed to get Fair Elections. On 14th August 2019 he visited the Royal Courts to file Corruption Claim. The Royal Courts used his Wheel Chair Dependency for Access Denial and then Limited Access. He used an Agent to get a Fee Remission Certificate and then Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court. Other Corruption Claims got Issue Denial Fraud Proof. On 3rd September 2019 Citizen Mr Franklin Awodiya got issue of Election Fairness Claim QB 2019 003126. On Friday 13th September 2019 Citizen Mr Awodiya acted as Agent, presented the Election Fairness Claim of Citizen Mr Brooks and got Issued Denial Fraud Proof. The Counter Officer claimed a High Court Master made the Issue Refusal Decision but refused to say who it was and that the Refusal Reason was that Citizen Mr Brooks had used the Claim Style of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.

  The Remedy Process has the Nuisance E08YJ260 Enforcement Fraud Appeal Grounds ready to file the Fraud Appeal as soon as Citizen Mr Bradley receives the Enforcement Fraud Order dated 6th September 2019. The Secretary of State for Justice has a duty to give it priority.

The Crown and Lord Bishops need this email as an Official Record for the Citizen of the Issue Denial Fraud Facts and the attached Remedy Cases DRAFT Recitals + Orders as Remedy Management Advice from the Equity Lawyer to the Law Court Judges   

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis


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