Parliament Session Proposals and Framing Fraud Report Email

To: Prime Minister, All MPs and Election Fraud Appeal 2019 2700 Liberal Democrat Election Case Lawyers Goodman Derrick

The Prime Minister and Other Addressees hold this email on trust for All MPs. The House of Commons Enquiries Email Address got a Not Recognised Bounce Message.  

The Director of Public Prosecutions keeps a Parliament Session File for the Crown and Prime Minister. The crown asks for the File Content. The Prime Minster gives it and by so doing makes an Evidence Notice Admission. In December 2011 and for 8 years thereafter Sussex Crown Prosecutor acted a Receiving Agent of Citizen for the Parliament Session File.  The Filing Arrangements had two functions. They got the Citizen Papers on the Parliament Session File. They served as a Due Process Test to discover whether, and if so, when and how and why anyone interfered with the Filing Arrangements. It discovered that on 29th November 2019 the Sussex Crown Prosecutor moved into offices in Brighton Police Station. On 4th December 2019 it discovered that Sussex Police denied access to the offices of the Crown Prosecutors and the Crown Prosecutors denied a Filing Service.

Citizens used Privy Counsellors and Local Authorities as Communications Agents to give Election Fraud Notices to the Lord Lieutenants for the Crown.  All MPs have a duty to ask the Lord Lieutenants whether they received Election Fraud Notices and that they have passed them on to the Crown. The Politically Neutrality Obligation requires Equal Notice to Government and Opposition.

Prime Minster Mr Johnson made Protection Fraud Deals to get Leadership Support. The Protection Fraud deals were subject to Viable Execution Conditions. Citizens conducted Integrity Tests before and during the Election Campaign Period. They got two things. They got Corruption Proof, Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof for the Citizen, Crown and Parliament against the Media, State, Law Courts and Party Leaders.  They got Unviable Conditions Proof.  It shifted the Power Balance enough to get Protection Fraud Releases from MPs but not from Media Managers.

The Law Court Judges and Media Managers committed Court Frauds and Non-Disclosure Frauds and demanded Protection Frauds that needed a Prosecution Fraud against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. Parliament Session Agreements contained Special Protection Rights for the Equity Lawyer. They included a Legal Service Crime Prosecution Prohibition and Civil Enforcement Prohibition for him against the Cabinet and Prime Minister.

The Integrity Tests got completion of Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the State and Law Court Judges. The Top Politicians could ignore the Law Court Judges. They could not ignore the Media Managers who had managed Publicity Defamation Frauds and Non-Disclosure Frauds for the Protection Fraud Network against Particular Victims.

Citizen Mr Matthew Taylor published a Parliament Candidacy Announcement. Days later it got an Arrest Fraud by Sussex Police on an Alleged Complaint by a Hampstead Case Witness who had Top Level Protection Frauds.  On Monday 23rd September 2019 Citizen Mr Taylor filed an Election Fairness Claim that got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court. The Arrest Fraud and Issue Denial Fraud were Election Campaign Sabotage Frauds.

On 24th September 2019 Prime Minister Mr Johnson and Attorney General Mr Cox used the Solicitor General and Government Lawyers for a Prosecution Threat Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. It got a Response Notice of the Special Protection Rights and Other Defences.  The Media Managers demanded Protection Frauds that needed Prosecution Frauds against Citizens Mr Paterson and Mr Mustafa. The Witnesses, Investigators, Prosecutors and Trial Judges demanded Protection Frauds.

On 6th December 2019 they were given a Repeat Prosecution Threat Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. He gave Case Management Priority to the Election Frauds and Other Frauds. Prime Minister Mr Johnson has a Big Majority. The Election Frauds make it a Vulnerable Majority. The function of Corruption Remedy Conditions in Parliament Session Agreements is to get Justice Proof or Corruption Proof for Future Parliament Session Decisions. The Election Frauds include Filing Denial Frauds by Sussex Police and Crown Prosecutors to keep Citizen Papers off the Parliament Session File.

The issue now is to discover whether Prime Minister Mr Johnson is a Puppet or Puppet Master. He has a Big Majority with a Big Vulnerability. The Crown and Lord Bishops have a duty to require Mass Publicity for Irreversible Mass Remedies before a Parliament Session. The Opposition MPs and Government Back Benchers have a duty to demand Election Fraud Remedies and Mass Remedies. The Parliament Session Management DRAFT Agreement between Opposition MPs is intended for use by both Opposition MPs and Government Back Benchers.

Citizens are preparing to use Election Fraud Proof, and Evidence Exclusions and Case Dismissals for the Citizen against the State and to make Corruption Remedy Demands of MPs.

The 13th December 2019 Harassment Framing Fraud 2019 0860 and 0861 Preliminary Hearing Report

State Ordered Murder Risk Warning, Special Diet Denial Method Warning and Torture Warning

Election Fraud Notice, Investigation Fraud Notice, Fraud Contamination Notice, No Uncontaminated Evidence Notice and No Admissible Evidence Notice 

The Defence Case Management Sabotage Frauds by the Witnesses, Investigators, Prosecutors, Defenders, Prison Governor, Trial Judges and Top Politicians against Citizen Prisoner Mr Paterson are numerous and serious. The Special Diet Denial Fraud is the most efficient way to demonstrate them.     

Top Doctors made a True Diagnosis of Inflated Bowel Diverticulitis and a False Prognosis of Imminent Death and False Prescription of Bowel Removal. Citizen Mr Paterson did Medical Research on the Local Library and decided on a Strict Diet Remedy. The Review Endoscopy Operation revealed a Remedy Success. He had saved his bowels but had a Lifetime Sensitivity that needed Lifetime Diet Discipline. In 2016 the Framing Frauds against him included the use of Special Diet Evidence Exclusion Frauds to enable the 6 Weeks Imprisonment Sentence Fraud that got a 3 Weeks Actual Imprisonment Fraud. The Prison Diet had effect as Diet Discipline Sabotage. It discovered that 3 Weeks Diet Discipline Sabotage did Significant Damage. The Authorities failed to make Relevant Records. The Corruption Investigations will examine All Official Records to discover the acts and omissions that got Special Diet Denial Frauds.         

On 15th November 2019 the Plea Hearing was in Chelmsford Magistrates Court. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis met Crown Prosecutor Mr Farmer outside the Court Room.  The Crown Prosecutor had a Uniformed Officer with him. The Body Language suggested that the Uniformed Officer was a Minder not a Guard. The meeting got an Identity Admission by Crown Prosecutor. Then it got a Jurisdiction Issue Notice + Evidence Offer by the Equity Lawyer that got Presentation Sabotage Interruptions by Crown Prosecutor Mr Farmer. There was a Continuing Presence and Engagement Refusal by the Crown Prosecutor. The Interruption Timing revealed that Crown Prosecutor had Precise Knowledge of the Jurisdiction Issue and Evidence that he wanted to avoid receiving. The Equity Lawyer used an Adjournment Period to stand by the Witness Box and wait for the attention of the Court Lawyer. Eventually he got it. She revealed and pointed out the Defence Lawyer of Citizen Mr Paterson. The Equity Lawyer gave a Jurisdiction Issue Notice + Evidence Offer that got an Eviction Fraud by the Defence Lawyer against the Equity Lawyer. The Hearing Reports from Various Sources suggest Pompous Performances in the Court Room with demands for Prosecution Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. 

The Harassment Case Management Hearing was listed for 6th December 2019. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis used Telephone Call Reports to produce the DRAFT Defence Instructions dated 4th December 2019. It is incomplete. It did not mention the Special Diet Needs. It was enough to serve as a Trial Fraud Notice and an Integrity Test of the Defenders. . It was used when the Telephone Reports suggested a Tag Release. It is the best he could do using the telephone List Friends as Communication Agents. It starts with All Participants Identification, Dock Release, Representation Bench Equality, Representative Access Equality, Unconditional Bail, Intimidation Fraud Investigation, Defence Case Management Sabotage Fraud Investigation, Witness Protection and, Election Fraud and Contempt Fraud Investigations.   On 4th December 2019 he sent the DRAFT Instructions, Service Notice, Service Email to the Prime Minister, Citizens, Defenders, Courts and Media. It got a Hearing Cancellation Decision and Repeat Protection Fraud Demands.

On 5th December 2019 the Wood Green Crown published a Court List for the next day. It omitted the Harassment Case of Citizen Mr Paterson.    

At 06.00 on Friday 6th December 20919 the Chelmsford Prison Officers woke Citizen Defendant Mr Paterson to get ready for the Court Appearance. At 6.30 they told him of a Hearing Cancellation. Later that day the Prime Minster and Attorney General used the Solicitor general and Government Lawyers for a Repeat Prosecution Threat Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. 

Telephone calls from Citizen Prisoner Mr Paterson to Friends revealed Repeat Deceptions in which Misrepresentation Frauds + Innuendo Frauds + Non-Disclosure Frauds were used to get him to sign Various Documents. Some of the Deceptions were that the Defence Lawyer and Others would be added to the Telephone Contact List.  They got Telephone List Addition Failures.

On Friday 13th December 2019 Citizen Mr Hendricks filed a Defence Papers Set for Trial Judge. It got Stamp Receipt Proof on the Envelope by a Court Officer. Citizens Mr Conrad Hendricks, Mr David Laurence, Mr Shaun Wilkins, Mr Jake Clarke and Mr Robert Freeman sat as Public Gallery Witnesses. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis spoke to the Case Police Officers by outside Wood Green Court 5. He told them about the Integrity Tests and Test Results. He told them that in the 59 Days between the Business Theft Complaint and the Business Theft Complaint Interview the Business Recovery Claim QB 2019 003841 and the Corruption Claim QB 2019 003984 had got High Court Judges and Top Police Officers. He suggested they contact Police Officer Georgina Newton at Bethnal Green Police Station. He showed them the Murder Conspiracy Proof of the Fistula Operation Scar that prepared for Kidney Failure Dialysis Treatment and the Missing Kidney Failure Symptoms. He told them that enough Decent Doctors had done what they dare do to give him Forged Blood Test Result Warnings + Diagnosis Fraud Warnings + Murder Conspiracy Warnings. He told the Police Officer Witnesses he had used the process to get Murder Conspiracy Evidence against Prime Minister Mrs May and then used a Dialysis Treatment Refusal for Murder Self Defence. It enabled him to manage the Integrity Tests before and during the Election Campaign Period. Their Facial Expressions changed from Arrogant Dismissal to Intelligent Interest. There came a time when they felt an urgent need to disappear and make enquiries. The Equity Lawyer sat as a Public Gallery Witness              

The 1st Case Call discovered that Crown Prosecutor Mr Farmer was at the Listing Office. It raised Reasonable Suspicions he had access to the Defence Papers filed by Citizen Mr Hendricks. Chelmsford Prison Officers were given notice that to be ready with a Video Link in 10 minutes.

The 2nd Case Call got an Electronic Recording Allegation by the Crown Prosecutor against the Public Gallery Witnesses. The Hearing Judge gave a Recording Contempt Warning. The Equity Lawyer stood and demanded the Allegation Investigation. It got Bias Fraud Proof against the Hearing Judge. She did not allow the Public Gallery Witnesses to question Allegation Frauds by the State.  The Allegation Fraud + Allegation Investigation Denial Fraud had effect as an Intimidation Fraud. Later, one of the Public Gallery Witnesses revealed that interpreted the Record Contempt Warning as a Written Record Prohibition.

A Hearing Transcript is needed to discover precise timing of a Defence Case Papers Acknowledgment by the Trial Judge Ms Greenberg and service of them on the Defender.      

Citizen Mr Paterson appeared on the Video Link from Chelmsford Prison. He asked whether he should call the Prison Officer and then disappeared to get the Prison Officer. Investigation is needed to discover why he thought he needed Prison Officer. He might have thought he needed the Prison Officer to witness a Release Decision and avoid a Release Delay. Citizen Mr Paterson complained he had no contact from the Defence Lawyer.  Hearing Judge Ms Greenberg cleared Court Room 5 to enable a Case Conference between Citizen Mr Paterson. Investigation is needed to discover what use, if any, was made of the Defence Instructions.

The Hearing Event got Case Management Orders but No Special Diet Application, No Bail Application, No Witness Protection Applications and No Other Applications by the Defender for Citizen Mr Paterson. The Public Gallery Witnesses vacated the Public Gallery. The Equity Lawyer went to the Defender and asked him to identify himself. He did not. He asked whether he was Defender Mr Hobden. He did not respond. One of the Police Officers crossed the Court Room to escort the Equity Lawyer out.   Later, Defence Advocate Mr Ross Talbot identified himself to Citizen Mr Hendricks, returned the Defence Papers using the reason that Due Process required him to receive them from the Defence Lawyer.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis 


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