Royal Commission + 022 0043 and 2200054477 Case Dismissal + Contempt Remedy Applications of Citizen Mr Nkrumah + Corruption Enquiries for All Constituencies

To: House of Commons Speaker, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges  

In 2016 the Protection Fraud Network needed to stop Dismissal Cases against Law Court Judges. In the 2016 Leadership Contest, they bought Support Votes for MP Mrs May because she was one of them. The Forced Resignation was 2 years and 320 days later.

In 2019 Bribery + Blackmail enabled trades of Leadership Votes for Candidates and Protection Frauds for Law Court Judges. The Forced Resignation was 2 years and 348 days later.

The Protection Fraud Proof against the Cabinet, Governing Majority and Opposition Minority will force the 2022 Leadership Contest Winner to manage Remedy Delivery or face a Rapid Dismissal. The damage done to the Protection Fraud Network is so great that it has to field Leadership Candidates. The Power Balance has tipped for Blackmail Fraud Victims MPs against the Protection Fraud Network and Network Candidates.

The Trial Fraud Hearings on 11th and 13th July 2022 are 2 Confidence Tests of Law Court Judges within a week of the Forced Resignation.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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