Royal Commission, 2020 000286, 2020 0396, 2069 and PI 10063

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers, and Law Court Judges

UK Judges need to know that the Corruption Remedy Process got Remedy Co-operation from USA Presidents Mr Obama and Mr Trump and is likely to get it from President Mr Biden.

The Best Advice for USA President Mr Biden is to use the Inauguration Event to start a Unification Debate, follow it up with Justice Commitments and the First 100 Days to deliver Justice Credibility Successes.

Speech Suggestions and Management Suggestions

Speech Suggestions
  1. Declare that he will take a political Risk
  2. Explain that the Political Risk is not starting Unification Debate but setting a High Intellectual Standard
  3. Explain that everyone can share the High Intellectual Standard provided they give it time and care
  4. Explain that Revolution Successes get Constitutional Arrangements that benefit the Revolution Victors
  5. Explain that the Glorious Revolution in 17th Century Britain and the American War of Independence and the French Revolution in the 18th Century got Constitutional Arrangements that benefitted the Revolution Victors
  6. Explain that it is time to examine how far the Constitutional Arrangements made in the 17th and 18th Centuries, and the Constitutional Amendments made in the 19th and 20th Centuries service the Justice Priority Obligation in the 21st Century
    1. The Glorious Revolution was to control the Dictator Mindset of a King that was a Civil War Risk for the 2nd Time in a 50 Year Period. It was a Revolution Success for Equity Lawyers. They wanted Stable Government. They made Constitutional Arrangements that gave Dominant Status to the Citizen that is subject to High Standard Controls. They managed it very cleverly. They vested Parliament Session Powers in the Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops. They used Jurisdiction Separation to vest Corruption Investigation Jurisdiction in the Citizen, Prosecution Jurisdiction in the Crown and Adjudication Jurisdiction in the Lord Bishops. They used 24 Lord Bishops so that up to 12 of them sit as Trial Jurors and up to 12 others sit as Appeal Jurors. They used the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard as a Quality Control. It is Official Records that are Justice Proof for Honourable Officers or Guilt Proof against Corrupt Officers and Credibility Irrelevance Proof for the Victim. It eliminates the need for Witness Attendances and Credibility Findings. It gives confidence that Trial Orders by the Crown will get Rapid Processing. It vested Citizen Accountability Powers in anyone who has the Intellectual Competence and Personal Confidence for Case Management that gets Proof Sets that meet the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. It is not an Elitist Standard. It is a Justice Standard.
    2. Citizen Empowerment got by the Glorious Revolution influenced the Independence Aspirations of the American Colonies. It motivated the American War of Independence. The Commercial Executive resourced the Colonial Forces with Money and Talent. The Constitutional Arrangements had the effect of vesting in the Commercial Executive the Accountability Powers needed to control the State Executive.
    3. The French Revolution went through a Chaotic Period. It got General Acceptance of Dictator Governance by the Commercial Executive. The Constitutional Arrangements of the Code Napoleon enabled the Commercial Executive to provide Economic Support for Dictator Governance and denied Accountability Powers that Journalists, Politicians and Lawyers needed to stop the use of the Dictator Governance for Napoleonic Wars.
    4. The European Constitution was based on the Napoleonic Code. It vested Dictator Powers in the State. It got Constitutional Acceptance by Many Governors, Constitutional Rejection from Many Voters and an Enormous Rift between Governors and Governed.
    5. The European Constitution got Referenda Rejection by the French, Dutch, Irish and British. It did not get Constitutional Change for the French, Dutch and Irish. It did get Sovereign Independence for the British.
  7. The United States has Similar Divisions to those in the European Union.
  8. It is time for a Unification Debate.
  9. It is time to consider the need for Citizen Empowerment will Performance Quality Controls.
  10. This is not a Political Issue between Political Parties. It is a Governance Issue between Governors and Governed. It needs everyone to invest time and care achieving the High Intellectual Standard the Unification Issue deserves.
Management Suggestions
  1. Make the Unification Speech using the Remedy Proposal for Citizen Empowerment subject to Performance Quality Controls is a Remedy Proposal by the President that challenges everyone else to make Debate Contributions
  2. Get Media Publicity for Constitutional Change Conflicts in Other Sovereign States  
  3. Get Media Publicity for an Indian Constitutional Change Enquiry of the Indian President whether the Indian Law Commission made Constitutional Recommendations for Death Inquest Powers for Out of State Deaths and if so when and the progress made by the Indian Parliament
  4. Get Media Publicity for what the USA can learn from the Case Management of Constitutional Conflicts
  5. Get Media Publicity for Cross Party Collaboration by Senators and Representatives that addresses the Performance Quality Control and silences the Extremists
  6. Get Justice Credibility Proof within the First 100 Days

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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