Royal Commission + 2020 000286 + Contempt Fraud Appeals + Appeal Witness Protection Cases FD20P00642 + B01B0837 + F02ED793 + G02EC632 + G00CR488 + F00WT279 + F21YY087 + E01WT861

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Law Court Judges and Representatives

The Contempt Fraud Appeals of Citizens and Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis force the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court to choose between making Conflict Disqualification Admissions + Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit Admissions or committing Conflict Qualification Frauds for Remedy Jurisdiction Denial Frauds + Dismissal Frauds. The Contempt Fraud Appeals include Enforcement Stay Witness Protection Applications for Corruption Victims. Citizen Mrs Tedla is one of them. She has one of a set of Land Fraud Cases that have been used for Integrity Tests of Representatives and Law Courts.  The document entitled Royal Commission + F00WT279 + F21YY087 + E01WT861 Notice + Observations + Log for the period from 6th February 2019 to 23rd April 2021 reveals the Help Requests by Citizen Mrs Tedla to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Other Communications. They are Litigation Incapacity Proof + Incapacity Exploitation Fraud Proof for Citizen Mrs Tedla against All Liable Parties. Witness Protection requires Reasonable Efforts at Damage Mitigation by the Protection Applicant and Protected Party.   In the case of Citizen Mrs Tedla, it needs uses of the Telephone Hearing Event on 27th April 2021.

It forces the State Lawyers, High Court and Solicitor General whether to use High Court Powers for an Imprisonment Fraud for Appeal Sabotage Frauds against the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. 

The Contempt Fraud Appeal of Citizen Mr Sham Sood against the High Court Decision got a Remedy Jurisdiction Denial Notice Fraud dated 16th April 2021 from the Supreme Court. He has agreed to file a Contempt Fraud Appeal against the Court of Appeal i9n the Supreme Court before the B021B0837 Application Hearing on 30th April 2021. It will discover what the Representatives and County Court Judges do after the Remedy Process broke the confidence of  Law Court Judges to complete the Shop Sale Enforcement Fraud G02EC632. 

The Contempt Fraud Appeal of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis against the Trial Frauds on 3rd and 9th November and 16th December 2020 in High Court got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal and a Jurisdiction Denial Notice Fraud Email dated 22nd April 2021 from the Supreme Court. The Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court will be used for a Repeat Contempt Fraud Appeals against 2020 000286 Trial Frauds in November and December 2020 and the Penalty Hearing Frauds committed on 16th April 2020 to the Court of Appeal. The outcome of the E01WT861 Hearing and B021B0837 Hearing will be known by then.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis   

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