Royal Commission + 2020 000286 + Contempt Fraud Appeals + Appeal Witness Protection Cases FD20P00642 + QB 2018 0239 + B01B0837 + F02ED793 + G02EC632 + G00CR488 + F00WT279 + F21YY087 + E01WT861

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives + Law Court Judges

The Lease Possession Claim Fraud F00WT279 + F21YY087 + E01WT861 have an Application Telephone Hearing at 12.30 on 27th April 2021 in Central London County Court. The attached Case Log has been updated to include the Royal Commission Email at 20 50 on 23rd April 2021.

The attached Royal Commission Email includes the Reply Records. The one from Black Graff LLP on 24th April 2021 has Particular Relevance. They are the Lease Forfeit Fraud F02ED793 Claimant Lawyers. The Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Tenant and Parliament Session Jurisdictions includes the Defence and Counterclaim Filing Denial Frauds + Case Management Hearing Audio Records + Possession Application Failure + Possession Application Costs for the Loser against the Winner + Directions Frauds + Reason Frauds + Defence and Counterclaim Repeat Filing Denial Frauds x 2 + Costs and Directions Fraud Appeal Filing and Process Denial Frauds + Rent Enforcement Statutory Demand Bankruptcy Attempted Enforcement Pending Adjudication Contempt Fraud + Possession Denial Appeal Fraud Filing and Process + Possession Denial Appeal Fraud Hearing Notice for 3rd August 2020 + Secret Adjournment Fraud to prevent an Audio Record of the Hearing Judge receiving Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Tenant and Parliament Session Jurisdictions against the Landlord, Representatives and Laws Courts. The Citizen Tenant and Supporters attended for the Appeal Hearing and received Hearsay Evidence from a Court Officer of the Secret Adjournment Fraud. The Remedy Process used a Time Limit to force use of Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 for Voluntary Remedies or Fraud Enforcement. Top Judges chose Fraud Enforcement. It needed Fraud Commitment Proof from the High Court to give Receivers the confidence to commit New Frauds as Fraud Commitment Proof before getting Protection Frauds from the Court of Appeal. The Receivers included the F02ED793 Landlord, Representatives and County Court Judges. A Secret Process by the County Court gave confidence for Possession Order Representations + Immediate Possession Demands by the Landlord + Representatives that got a Possession Refusal + Possession Order Proof Demand + Rent Off Sets against Counterclaim Damages by the Citizen Tenant + No Enforcement Action by the Landlord.

The Royal Commission Emails get No Response from the F02ED793 Claimant Lawyers except when Increased Anxiety gets the Response Email that reads ‘The office is closed.  E-mail sent out of office hours is deleted’ as did the Response Email at 11.42 on 24th April 2021.

The Response Records start with Blocked Messages from Qualified lawyers who managed, or attempted to manage, Court Frauds in Royal Commission Cases. Royal Commission Emails got Automatic Response Emails from MP Mr Michael Ellis when he was Solicitor General but not since his appointment as Attorney General, or from his successor as Solicitor General. The Attorney General’s Office Contempt Shared Mailbox is Notice Proof against them. The Case Reports from the State Lawyers are Additional Notice Proof for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions against them. Royal Commission Emails get 550 Delivery Failure Messages from the MP Address of the Secretary of State for Justice and Normal Responses from enough of the Privy Counsellors, Cabinet Officers, Prime Minister and Speaker to be Notice Proof for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. The MP Address of the Speaker is used because the Speaker’s Office Email Address got No Response. Response Emails from Any Law Court is Notice Proof against All Law Courts.  

The Royal Commission Email on 23rd April 2021 got a Response Email from Central London County Court

Victim Mrs Tedla was not on the Royal Commission Email Address List on 23rd April 2021 but has been added for this one. The Hearing Event will discover whether she gets Representation Assistance from the Application Lawyers and the Hearing Judge.

The Response Email from Tenancy Claim Fraud QB 2018 0239 Defendant Victim Mr Zarb is Litigation Incapacity Proof for him. He is Intelligent + Educated + Charming + Religious. The Lord Bishops have known people like him all their lives. A Court Fraud Conspiracy by the Ministry of Justice Crime Partnership, the Criminal Tenant and Claim Lawyers got the Liability Finding Fraud against Mr Zarb. The Remedy Process broke the confidence to complete the Enforcement Frauds. In 2018 a Help Request by Victim Mr Zarb got Citizen Status for him. He lacked the Co-operation Capacity to make the best of it. The Equity Lawyer produced a Defence Document and used the case for Representation Tests of Defence Counsel and the Law Courts. Victim Mr Zarb took Defence Counsel and the Equity Lawyer for lunch. The Remedy Process Document and the Lunchtime Conversation, that lasted about 1 Hour, is Briefing Evidence. It is Relevant Evidence of Representation Failures.

The Tenancy Claim Fraud QB 2018 0239 of the Articulate Caucasian Mr Zarb is a Land Fraud Comparator Case for the Land Fraud Cases B01B0837 + F02ED793 + G02EC632 + G00CR488 + F00WT279 + F21YY087 + E01WT861 of Illiterate Immigrants.

Enforcement Stay Witness Protection Application Offer from Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to Victim Mrs Tedla and Citizen Mr Zarb using his Contempt Fraud Appeals in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. It is conditional upon Case Explanation Statements and Support Documents.  The State can use Citizen Case Management for an Immediate Imprisonment Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. The State cannot use Witness Protection Applications in the Contempt Fraud Appeals of the Equity Lawyer in the Appeal Courts. It is a Contempt Fraud against the Appeal Courts, Parliament and the Crown.      

The F00WT279 + F21YY087 + E01WT861 Hearing Judge might want to know about the Other Addressees on the Royal Commission Email List. The Citizens are on the list for their Own Cases and as Public Domain Proof for the Other Cases. The Qualified Lawyers are on it as a preparation for the Profession Unfitness Investigations. Metropolitan Police Office Mr Martin managed the Children Thefts for the Family Sabotage Frauds against the Theodorou Family, Paedophile Protection Frauds and Money Laundering Frauds that link him to Cases F00WT279 + F21YY087 + E01WT861. The Housing Estate Maintenance Accounts were Accounting Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Cant against Hackney Council Officers. They demanded Protection Fraud and got them from the Metropolitan Police, Property Tribunal and Law Courts. Computer Hacking Frauds by the Metropolitan Police put Defamation Frauds against Citizen Mr Cant on his Facebook Account.  Computer Hacking Complaints by him got Investigation Denial Frauds by the Metropolitan Police. A Directions Order by the Property Tribunal imposed a Disclosure Response Time Limit on Citizen Mr Cant. Electronic File Disclosure by Hackney Council was Rapidly Followed by use of the Defamation Frauds for a Malicious Communications Investigation Fraud + Arrest Fraud + Computer Seizure by Detective Constable Mr Martin. Time Extension Applications by Citizen Mr Cant got Refusal Frauds by the Property Tribunal and a Computer Return by Detective Constable Mr Martin on the Response Time Expiry Day. Fraud Claims got Dismissal Fraud Proof against the High Court. The Remedy Process broke the confidence of Top Judges and Money Launderers. They used the Crime Business of Mr Kenneth Noy for Violent Crime Services including those by Thug Mr Seton. He used Thug Boasts as Business Touts. The Money Launderers and Top Judges needed Intimidation Frauds against Victims. The Stress Response of Citizen Mr Cant was to get Internet Publicity for his Personal Problems. It made him an Ideal Target for the Intimidation Frauds. Grievous Bodily Harm + Kill Threats by Thug Mr Seton got Internet Publicity from Citizen Mr Cant for every stage of the process. The Crime Complaints got Investigation Denial Frauds by the Metropolitan Police. Protection Denial Fraud Claims got Case Dismissal Frauds by the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. Damage Limitation Protection Fraud Demands by Top Judges got Grievous Bodily Harm + Kill Threat Investigations by Metropolitan Police Officer Mr Tomass.Kuprejevs. Damage Limitation Prosecution Frauds by Crown Prosecutors used a Common Assault Charge instead of Grievous Bodily Harm Charge + Kill Threats Charge.  The Plea Hearing got a Not Guilty Plea. The Parliament Session Agreement in December 2019 between the Crown and prime Minister required Corruption Remedies before the Session End. The Queen used her Session Opening Speech on 19th December 2019 for Royal Commission Announcement. Everyone involved knew what it meant. It caused a Confidence Loss that got a Further Investigation Order by Crown Prosecutors. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Citizen Mr Cant attended an Interview Appointment with Investigator Mr Tomass Kuprejevs. The Equity Lawyer got a Witness Statement from Mr Lawrence Glen Brightman that gave a Case Explanation and made an Immunity Negotiation Proposal that required Full Disclosure from Thug Mr Seton how he got the Restraint Protection Denial Frauds from the Law Courts.  The Immunity Proposal got an Unexplained Immediate Case Withdrawal by the State for Thug Mr Seton. It completed the Protection Denial Fraud Proof Set against the Metropolitan Police, Crown Prosecutors and Criminal Courts before the Restraint Protection Denial Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal got completion of it in the Civil Courts.

The Shop Theft Criminal Complaint by Citizen Mr Yediayli got Investigation Denial Fraud Proof against the Metropolitan Police. The Shop Theft Claims 2019 003741 + 003984 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen and Parliament Sessio0n Jurisdictions against the Buyers, Representatives and High Court. Top Judges required a New Fraud from the Buyers as Fraud Commitment Proof. They were given a Defence + Counterclaim that made Transaction Admissions + Payment Default Admissions + Argument Fraud that Full Payment would be an Unjust Enrichment of the Seller. Top Judges used it for a 1st Backdated Forged Order that required Particulars Filing and 30 Days’ Time Limit and Default Penalty of a Claim Strike Out + Service Denial Fraud. Remedy Process Agents waited until Day 27 and produced the Sealed Forged Order and Letter Box Service on the Citizen.  On Day 28 it got Claim Particulars and an Order Revocation Application both of which were made Without Prejudice to Invalidity Arguments. It got Investigation Frauds Demands + Finding Frauds Demands by Top Judges that got a Shop Theft Complainant Interview Appointment for Complaint Day 59. The Sealed Forged Order + Other Fraud Proof got a Case Reference from the Metropolitan Police Investigator Ms Georgina Newton got Investigation Closure Frauds by Senior Officers and a 2nd Sealed Backdated Forged Order from the High Court. A Settlement Negotiation Offer by the Buyers got a Settlement Offer on Corruption Remedy Terms from the Citizen. It got an Alleged Dismissal Order + Service Denial Fraud against the Citizen. He had a Damage Mitigation Obligation. He and Supporters used a Restocking Event to recover Physical Possession of the Stolen Shop. It got a Police Involvement Refusal + Thug Gathering by the Buyers. A Peace Breach Call by the Citizen got an Event Attendance by the Metropolitan Police. The Equity Lawyer presented Land Registry Title Proof and the Shop Theft Claim Papers. The choice was Possession Enforcement Justice for the Seller or Repossession Fraud for the Buyers. They chose the Repossession Fraud. The Equity Lawyer used it for an Urgent Application for Repossession Fraud Remedies that got Remedy Denial Fraud Proof for the Citizen and Parliament Session Jurisdictions against the Buyer, Representatives and High Court. The Buyers used Shop Theft Claim 2019 003984 for a made Trespass Restraint Application that disclosed the Alleged Claim Dismissal Fraud. Production Requests by the Citizen failed to get it from the Buyers or High Court. Top Judges wanted Case Closure. Ruin Fraud demands by Top Judges got a Kill Threat Complaint Fraud by the Buyer and Without Investigation Kill Threat Caution Appointment by the Metropolitan Police Kill Threat Investigator Mr Charles Hervais.  A Case Explanation + the 2 Sealed Forged orders + Other Fraud Proof + Contempt Fraud Complaint at the Caution Appointment got a Kill Threat No Further Action Decision + Contempt Investigation Denial Fraud by the Metropolitan Police. The Seal Ink was Forensic Material. Top Judges made a Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud Plan. It needed Physical Possession of the Sealed Forged Orders for Evidence Destruction or Forgery Substitution. Physical Possession needed a Hearing Event to force Citizen Mr Yediayli to consult Qualified Lawyers, a Costs + Adjournment Consent Frauds to avoid Hearing Audio Records, and then Original Record Productions Demands by the Qualified Lawyers to get Physical Possession, and then use of Order Breach Contempt for a Without Hearing Defence Dismissal Fraud + Title Transfer Order Fraud and then completion of the Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud. Top Judges dare not use the High Court Claims for the Hearing Frauds. They used a Sale Enforcement Claim Fraud G02EC632 by the Buyer in the County Court. It used Conflict Jurisdiction Frauds + Full Disclosure Denial Frauds + Claim Service Denial Frauds + Defence Denial Frauds + Hearing Short Notice Fraud. The Service Event got a Defence + Counterclaim + Application Response Document from the Equity Lawyer. Citizen Mr Yediayli used it to give Defence Instructions that got the Costs Liability + Adjournment Consent Order Fraud Proof against the Qualified Lawyers. A 21 Days Delay before the Evidence Production Demands got Royal Commission Electronic Files Service Emails from the Equity Lawyer that were Service Proof against the Qualified Lawyers and Notice Proof for the Citizen and Parliament Session Jurisdictions against the Buyers, Representatives, State and Law Courts. The Seal Ink Forensic Tests became a Notorious Fact. On 16th April 2021 the Contempt Fraud Appeal 2020 000286 got a Penalty Hearing Audio Record of the Equity Lawyer giving Oral; Notice to Trial Judges Mrs Cutts of the Notorious Fact. She left the Court Room. The Sale Enforcement Claim Fraud G02EC632 Urgent Settlement Negotiation Adjournment Proposal Email that afternoon by the Buyer Representatives got a Repeat Consent Fraud Proof against the Qualified Lawyers. All of it is relevant Evidence for the Witness Protection Frauds for Court Fraud Victims.

The Trust Fraud Claim B01B0837 Order Breach Contempt Frauds and Immunity Frauds by the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal are now the subject of a Contempt Fraud Appeal to the Supreme Court. The Filing Email was at 11.49 on Saturday 24th April 2021.   

Equity Lawyer |Mr Ellis

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