Royal Commission, 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2021 PI 10063, Land Frauds B01B0837, F02ED793, G00CR488 and G02EC632

To: House of Commons Speaker, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers, and Law Court Judges

Warm Period in early and late spring caused Hay Fever and Concentration Lapses for the Equity Lawyer. Sometimes a Warm Period in February results in an earlier start. It creeps up on him. The Concentration Lapses occur before Other Symptoms. On 28th February 2021, he left the supermarket and about 7 minutes later could not remember paying, could not find the receipt and went back to check. It discovered he had not paid, He paid and has the receipt for £3.69. It will be a Common Experience for Many Others. The Concentration Lapses can impact in many ways. Cabinet Officers should give Due Notice to State Investigators.

The Remedy Process needed Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Organised Criminals, Representatives, Corrupt Officers and Law Court Judges up the ranks to Lord Justices. It includes Hearing Denial Fraud Proof for Both Parties against the Law Courts.

The Remedy Process Cases need Consolidated Case Logs by Parties, Representatives and Court Officers for Contempt Fraud Investigations. Co-operation Failure Proof will be Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Co-operation Refusers.  The attached Royal Commission, All Case Contempt Penalty Warning and G00CR488 DRAFT Case Log dated 28th February 2021 can serve as a Log Guide for the Other Cases.

The Contempt Fraud Appeals got Case References that are Jurisdiction Acceptance Proof against the Court of Appeal. Some of them got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. The Recusal Refusal Fraud, Directions Fraud, Forced Recusal and Directions Confirmation Fraud Appeal got Jurisdiction Enquiry Frauds that got use of Royal Commission Emails for Enquiry Responses by the Equity lawyer and then Issue Refusal Frauds using Response Failure Reason Frauds. Parliament and the Cabinet have the Fraud Proof. Since then High Court Trial Judges have used Appeal Jurisdiction Advice of the State.

The Court of Appeal relied on Disqualification Fraud Blackmail and Career Sabotage Fraud Blackmail against Qualified Lawyers to deny Corruption Victims the benefit of Preliminary Issue Appeals. It got Trial Fraud Completion and Penalty Enforcement before Any Appeal. The Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 got 4 Preliminary Issue Contempt Fraud Appeals and a 5th Liability Trial Contempt Fraud Appeal of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis trapped the Court of Appeal. They used the 1st and 2nd for Protection Frauds and were left with the others. They used Jurisdiction Enquiry Response Denial Fraud Reason for an Issue Denial Fraud of the 3rd and 4th in spite of the Cabinet and Parliament having the Enquiry Responses that are Fraud Proof. Since then Appeal Jurisdiction Advice by State Counsel got a Supreme Court  Appeal Jurisdiction Implied Finding by the Trial Judges and use of it for a Protection Breach Contempt Denial Fraud Implied Finding for themselves. All of it enables use of the Issue Denial Fraud Proof for a Time Extension Application in a Repeat Fraud Appeals to the Court of Appeal and a Fraud Appeals to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile they are left with the 5th Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal.

The attached PDF version is the the Snapshot on 28th February 2021 and enables use of the Word version by everyone to make additions. It will be helpful to use Labelling to identify who has made the changes. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


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