Royal Commission + 2020 000286 + ZC14D02308+ FD20P00642 + ZW20C00422 + 2020 2158 + B01B0837 + B01B0837 + F02ED793 +G00CR488 + G02EC632 + 42 MR 13725 21 Total Trap Notices

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Best Advice for Essex Police Officers is to make a Profession Guidance Requests to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner what to do in cases of Framing Fraud Orders by Superior Officers and Self Protection Efforts by Execution Officers using Identity Frauds. The attached Emergency Worker Assault Framing Fraud 42 MR 13725 21 Document explains why. It includes a No Jurisdiction Plea Notice + Bail Condition Revocation + Case Dismissal + Contempt Fraud Remedy Application of Citizen Mr Nkrumah v State.

Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Revocation is a Total Trap Case with an Adjourned Hearing on 9th July 2021.  The Previous Hearing got Fraud Evidence Exclusion Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Court Officers and the Hearing Judge. Family Cases have got Additional Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Mother + 6 Children.  The attached Precedent Statements dated 11th and 13th June 2021 are by Citizen Mr Coyle and the 2nd and 4th Child. The Polite Request from the 2nd and 4th Child to the 1st Child services the Family Reunification Plan. The Criminal Father and Corrupt Officers used him for Case Sabotage Frauds against the Citizen Mother and Siblings. The Family Reunification Plan forced discovery of Conflicted Interests so that they can deal with them. The Polite Request evidences that they can talk. On the evidence available Perversity Conditioning by the Criminal Father did more damage to the 1st Child than the others. They know about it. The Parliament Session Jurisdictions need to know that they are doing their best to manage Self Help Remedies.  The Total Trap has Compelling Corruption Proof against the Law Courts. forces the Hearing Judge to choose between Fraud Remedies or Fraud Enforcement.  The Emergency Worker Assault Framing Fraud and the Trust  Claim Fraud took time that prevented completion today of Case Papers for the Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Revocation Hearing on 9th July 2021.       

Cyprus Gardens Possession Fraud F02ED793 Alleged Possession Order Demand for the Stated Reason it is needed for Fraud Appeal Purposes. Citizen Mr Hastunc is a Talented Chef with Limited Literacy and Corruption Damage Incapacity. He needs Total Supervision for Simple Tasks needed for Case Management. The case was one of the Land Frauds used for Integrity Tests that Representation Fraud Proof against Qualified Lawyers, Opposing Parties, Opposing Representatives and the Law Courts. Ill Health denied Competent Assistance by an Interpreter Friend. On 26th May 2021 the Simple Task Request by the Equity Lawyer that was Print + Sign + Scan + Email got the Panic Response from Citizen Mr Hastunc of an Unnecessary Car Journey from Chingford to Chelmsford and a Road Traffic Accident that resulted in Hospital Admissions + Release + Readmission + Release on 12th June 2021. On 27th May 2021 a Hearing Event Appearance by an Unnamed Cousin was followed by Information Request by the Equity Lawyer that got Message relay Promises but No Information Returns. On 13th June 2021 a Surprise Visit by the Equity Lawyer discovered the Almost Continuous Hospitalisation and Hospital release the night before. The Hearing Report Request got a Possession Order Reply from Citizen Mr Hastunc. A Decision Proof Request got a Not Received Response and a Hearing Report Request from Citizen Mr Hastunc to the Unnamed Cousin. The Fraud Conspiracy Proof Set makes it a Total Trap Case for Integrity Testing of Low Rank Judges before the Dismissal Cases against Top Judges. Total Incompetence has denied best use of it before the Dismissal Cases. The Alleged Possession Order completes the Fraud Conspiracy Proof Set against the Liable Parties.  The Case Notices and Possession Order Demand are an Integrity Test of the Law Courts.     

Trust Claim Fraud B01B0837 got a Hearing Event on 1st June 2021 and use of a Court Record Delivery Failure Reason from the hearing Judges for an Adjournment Order. It got a Priority Notice for the Mortgage Valuation Access + Eviction Stay Applications of the Citizen Beneficiary Father against the Eviction Application Fraud of the Trustee Son. It was a Settlement Coded Instruction from the Hearing Judge to the Trustee Son. It got No Settlement Initiative by the Trustee Son and an Adjourned Hearing Listing Denial Fraud by the County Court. The attached Remedy Proposals and Precedent Statement of the Citizen Father dated 11th June 2021 got Immediate Acceptance and a Consent Signatures from the 2nd Wife but No Response from the Trustee Son.      

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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