Royal Commission, 2020000286, Fraud Appeals 2020 0396, 2069, XXXX and YYYY Protection Breach Contempt Fraud

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Restraint Breach Imprisonment Committal Trial Fraud on 3rd November 2020 got Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof, Recusal Fraud Proof, Trial Direction Fraud Proof and Adjournment Fraud Proof against Trial Judge Mr Jay. Court Records dated 19th July 2016 evidenced that he had Witness Status, Restraint Breach Investigation Initiator Status, Investigator Status and Prosecutor Status all of which were Status Conflict Disqualification Proof against Adjudicator Status. The Recusal Refusal and Directions Order was issued. The next day he produced Recusal Judgment dated Friday 6th November 2020 and then on Monday 9th November 2020 made a Recusal and Trial Directions Confirmation Order. The Equity Lawyer used it in the High Court for a Remedy Application and in the Court of Appeal for Recusal Refusal Fraud, Trial Fraud Appeal and a Confirmation Directions Confirmation Fraud Appeal.  The Fee Remission Certificates and the Royal Courts Receipt Signature for a Registered Post Delivery are the Filing Proof. It got the 3rd and 4th Trial Stay Protection Rights from the Court of Appeal.

The Permission Fraud Appeal 2020 2069 was issued on Saturday 12th December 2020. It was too late for the State to avoid the Adjourned Trial on Monday 14th December 2020 getting an Audio Record. It got Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the State Counsel and the Trial Judge. State Counsel denied the Protection Rights. The Trial Judge committed a Protection Breach Fraud to commit the Liability Trial Frauds then used the Protection Rights for a Pending Appeal Penalty Adjournment.

The Prosecution Case was used Vulnerable Puppet Procurement Allegation Frauds against the Equity Lawyer that were Vulnerable Incapacity Defamation Frauds against Citizens Mr Paterson, Mr Bradley and Mr Awodiya. The State Counsel did not present any evidence to support the Defamation Frauds. The Trial Frauds included Defence Witness Denial Frauds.

On Monday 14th December 2020 Citizen Mr Awodiya has used the Defamation Frauds against him for a Profession Unfitness Complaint against the State Counsel. He has offered a Witness Statement as Rebuttal Proof against the Defamation Frauds

Citizen Mr Paterson and Citizen Mr Bradley will please consider making Witness Statements for the Fraud Appeals and the Profession Unfitness Complaint. Citizen Mr Paterson has the disadvantage of being in prison. Citizen Mr Bradley has the disadvantage of the Long-Term Damage done by Anaesthetic Negligence in an Appendix Operation.

The Trial Judge said she would release Restraint Breach Finding, Contempt Finding and Reasons on Friday. The Equity Lawyer will file a Protection Breach and Liability Trial Fraud Appeal.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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