Royal Commission and Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Revocation Application Court Room Hearing Application

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

Citizen Mrs Theodorou will please service the Corruption Remedy Process by:

  1. Forwarding this Royal Commission Email to the Family Court and the Organised Crime Lawyers of Mr Theodorou with the Attached Case Document the Honourable Parliamentarians need them any other Case Document she wants them to have.
  2. Attending the Family Court for a Court Room Hearing tomorrow.

Citizen Mr Can Say got Land Fraud Proof against Corby Development Corporation, Local Authorities Officers, State Officers and Law Court Judges. Top Judges wanted Total Destruction of the Land Fraud Proof obtained by Citizen Mr Can Say. He knew it was important. He used and Agent and Cash to pay Storage Charges so that Bank Account Searches would not identify the Storage Place. The Protection Fraud Network used Violent Thugs for Intimidation Frauds and Torture Sessions trying to discover the Storage Location. They did not break him. They feared that killing him would deny any chance of Total Destruction of the Land Fraud Proof. They stopped in the hope of getting it. Citizen Mr Can Say has Chest Ailments. He has Good Days and then Oxygen Deficits that give him Bad Days. In 2019 a Citizen Landlord gave him a Residential Tenancy of part of 83 Priory Gardens, Highgate. He moved the Old Fraud Proof Set there and made a Housing Benefit Claim. Citizen Mr Can Say had enough Good Days to help with the Corruption Remedy Process. He got New Fraud Proof against Haringey Council, Others and Law Courts.  The Equity Lawyer put the New Fraud Proof on the Parliament Session File kept by the Director of Public Prosecutions for the Crown. It motivated Top Judges to demand renewed efforts to get the Old Land Fraud Proof. The Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis used the Old Fraud Proof as an Investigation Tool to discover who did what to get it and when and how. Citizen Mr Say understood the Investigation Plan very well on Good Days but not on Bad Days, because of the Oxygen Deficits. The Housing Benefit Claim got Claim Process Denial Fraud Proof against Haringey Council. In 2020 the Integrity Test Cases got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Top State Officers and Law Court Judges. They demanded renewed efforts to get Total Destruction of Old Proof Sets including that obtained by Citizen Mr Say. On the evidence available the Protection Fraud Network revived the Housing Benefit Claim of Citizen Mr Can Say to discover whether he had the Old Proof at the Tenanted Premises.  Housing Officers of Haringey Council inspected the Tenanted Premises and noticed many Case Folders that contained the Old Land Fraud Proof. They reported to Senior Officers. The Housing Benefit Award ensured he would stay there while they made arrangements for Evidence Theft. On the evidence available a Qualified Lawyer made Legal Service Misrepresentations Frauds to get Citizen Mr Say to give him Physical Possession of parts of the Old Fraud Proof. The Equity Lawyer sent Electronic Files of the New Proof Set and made an Evidence  Offer. The Qualified Lawyer did not want it. On the evidence available the Qualified Lawyer did nothing and asked for Physical Possession of more of the Old Fraud Proof. All of it is Criminal Conspiracy Proof for Citizen Mr Say and the Honourable Parliamentarians against  State Officers and Law Court Judges. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


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