Royal Commission, BO01B0873 Protection Test Draft Orders, 2020 000286, 000968, 2020 0396, 0742 and PI 10942

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councillors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Remedy Process needed Protection Test Cases. They needed Cases that got Superior Jurisdiction Pending Adjudication Enforcement Stay Protection Rights and Pending Adjudication Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limits for Citizens against the State and Law Courts.

Many cases were fit for purpose. The Son made a Trust Declaration for the Father and then bought Trust Breach Protection Frauds from the Protection Fraud Network. The County Court Judges completed Possession Set Up Frauds. On the evidence available the Corruption Remedy Process broke their confidence for Fraud Completion. They planned use of Mortgage Defaults as Intervening Events to get Fraud Completion. They used Court Frauds and or Trust Accounting Denial Frauds to prevent Sale Negligence Damages financing Fraud Defences or making Mortgage Payments. They made Trust Asset Sale Orders that the Father used to get Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Son Trustee, Lawyers, Bank of Scotland and the County Court of Mortgage Account Details Denial Frauds and Sale Order Breach Contempt Frauds and Mortgage Default Possession Frauds.

In early 2020 the Father discovered the Equity Monarchy Trusts and Corruption Remedy Process. He made privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waivers the enabled use of the cases for Remedy Management by the Crown and Lord Bishops. The cases got a Complete Set of Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. It includes use of a Bundle Filing Denial Fraud for a Fraud Appeal Filing Failure Dismissal Fraud and then a Bundle Discovery and the Court of Appeal that failed to stop an Incomprehensible Case Reason Fraud and Without Hearing Dismissal Fraud in the High Court and then a Without Hearing Appeal Permission Refusal by the Court of Appeal. The Hearing Demands in the High Court and Court of Appeals enables use of a Remedy Application Hearing on 23rd October 2020 for Protection Tests in the County Court.

The attached Draft Orders are the Protection Test.

The Royal Commission Emails from the Equity Lawyer get Blocked Messages from the Case Lawyers.

Email Forwarding will discover whether this Royal Commission Email gets a Blocked Message for Citizen Father Mr Sood.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




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