Royal Commission Case Notice and Governance Fraud Notices

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, MPs and State Lawyers  

Corruption Complaint against the House of Commons Speaker for the MP Legal Service Address List Denial Fraud. The Royal Commission Email on 5th June 2020 gave notice of the Criminal Conspiracy for Grievous Bodily Harm to Citizen Mr Paterson by use of Mental Health Frauds + Prescription Frauds + Forced Medication Frauds to get Side Effects Poison Frauds. It is Similar Fact Evidence to that of the Urea Poison Fraud against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. The Royal Commission Email used the House of Commons Email Address List for MPs. It got 86 Automatic Acknowledgements from MPs and 252 Delivery Failure Messages for MP Email Addresses most of which for Address Not Found.

Governance Fraud Complaint for Citizen Mr Carter against the Metropolitan Police. He used his cases for Integrity Tests for the Royal Commission. In January 2020 the Harassment Framing Fraud Plea Hearing prompted Low-Rank Police Officers made Protection Fraud Demands for a Repeat Framing Fraud. It failed. The Investigating Officer claimed to have an Event Witness + Event Video. Repeat Protection Fraud Demands failed to get Resource Allocation Orders by Senior Officers. The Fast Food Shop Theft Case appears to have broken the confidence of Senior Officers to make Resource Allocations Orders for Protection Frauds for anyone except themselves.  The Harassment Framing Fraud Hearing Event on 11th June 2020 prompted Low-Rank Officers to amass a Police Mob and use Week-End Facilities between 5th and 7th June 2020 for a Repeat Investigation Fraud + Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud + Interview Fraud + Pending Investigation Bail Fraud against Citizen Mr Carter and His Daughter. Someone was not satisfied with the result. In the morning of 8th June 2020. Police Officers appeared at his house for a Repeat Arrest that resulted in a Caution + Recorded Interview Appointment on 12th June 2020. Citizens will please agree between themselves for a few Locals to attend as Public Gallery Witnesses. The Equity Lawyer will try to attend. He has a Dialysis Appointment in Broomfield Hospital that afternoon. Citizen Mr Carter will please use the Hearing Event to make Bias Fraud Remedy + Contempt Remedy + Case Dismissal Applications. The Case Evidence is the Repeat Investigation Frauds + Arrest Frauds against Citizen Mr Carter. The Similar Fact Evidence is the Court Fraud Proof got in the Shop Theft Case that prompted Top Judges to make 2 Protection Fraud Calls for Investigation Frauds + Finding Frauds by the Metropolitan Police against Citizen Mr Yediayli that the High Court could use for Claim Dismissal Frauds against him. The Protection Fraud Calls got Investigation Frauds but failed to get Finding Frauds that the High Court can use. The Similar Fact Evidence also includes the use of a Prison Licence Release Forgery for a Licence Breach Prosecution Fraud against Citizen Mr Nkrumah. He used the case for Integrity Tests. The Magistrates Court made an Adjournment Order + Secret Hearing Order + Attendance Prohibition against Prosecutor and Defender that revealed Court Officers have Primary Liability for the Trial Fraud. Citizen Mr Carter can use the Case Applications produced in March 2020. The Equity Lawyer will attempt to do an Updated Reasons for the Remedy Orders.

Governance Fraud Complaint by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis against the London Borough of Haringey Council. A Citizen granted him a Residential Tenancy of a Bedroom and Shared Rooms. He used the Council Web Site to open a Service Account with intent to make an Online Application for Housing Benefit. Every effort to use the Service Account got a Password Rejection + Password Change Email Notice + Within 15 Minutes Change Time Limit + Change Email Service Failure. The Service Accounts are a False Accounting Tool. The Housing Benefit Form could not be filled on screen. The cursor moved and boxes were high lighted but the entries did not appear. The Equity Lawyer is in a Hotel Room in Chelmsford. He does not have Print Facilities. Locals say the Print Shops are not yet open.  The Equity Lawyer travelled to London and got a print from a friend. The Form Content was Wholly Inappropriate to the circumstances of Corruption Victims of Asset Forfeiture Frauds and Asset Freezing Frauds and Trust Obligations. He does not have access to the Identity Proof that the Housing Benefit Form requires. The Housing Benefit Claim Form + 3 Months Bank Account Statement was sent by 1st Class Signed for Post on Monday 8th June 2020. The Claim Delay was because of the Service Account Frauds + Print Facility Deficit + Dialysis Sessions Increase from 2 to 3 times a week. The Healing Process had slowed. The Body responded to the Extra Session with Increased Sleep + Increased Healing. It is as if the Body seems to use Sleep to get Healing Conditions. The Treatment Denial Fraud got End-Stage Kidney Failure and Grievous Bodily Harm and an Emergency Admission to Broomfield Hospital. Top Doctors used it for Mental Health Frauds. They ignored Mental Examination Refusals and committed Secret Diagnosis Frauds + Prescription Frauds to get Urea Retention Side Effects for a Urea Poison Fraud + Dialysis Sabotage Fraud. It failed. The Drug Nurse put the Pill Bottle in the Drug Cabinet, locked it and thereby revealed it was the drug was Secret or Dangerous.  Drug Enquiries got Embarrassed Behaviour and Ignorance Claims by the Drug Nurse and Ignorance Claims by the Dialysis Doctor. They broke the confidence for the Urea Poison Fraud. The Remedy Process Priority was Relationship Recovery. It has been achieved with the Low Ranks of the Dialysis Team but not the High Ranks. The Equity Lawyer is denied the access needed to make Treatment Enquiries. The End-Stage Kidney Failure dumped Toxins in the Flesh. They burnt through the skin and into the flesh. The Healing Process gave priority to the Imperfect Skin Repairs and then the Flesh Lumps and then Lump Reduction.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis 


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