Royal Commission + Child Trafficking Wardship FD20P00642 Order Breach Contempt Remedy DRAFT Order + Court Motion Version + Application Remedy Version + ZC14D02308

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Child Trafficking Wardship FD20P00642 Contempt Remedy Hearing on 27th January 20212 has to deal with the ZW15C00062 + FD20P00642 Order Breach Contempt Frauds by Enfield Council and the Special Guardians and the FD20P00642 Repatriation Jurisdiction Denial Frauds + Contempt Immunity Frauds by High Court Justice Mr Moor and the Fraud Appeal 2021 00065 Permission Refusal Fraud + Contempt Immunity Fraud by Appeal Lord Justice Moylan. They create a Conflict Jurisdiction Disqualification + Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit for Citizen Mrs Theodorou against All Justices and Lord Justices of the High Court and Court of Appeal. Citizen Mrs Theodorou has given High Court Justice Mr Moor the choice of the attached Court Motion Remedy Order and the Application Remedy Order.

The Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof is Relevant Evidence for the Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Revocation Application of Citizen Mrs Theodorou.

Polite Request that Citizen Mrs Theodorou send a Notice Email to the Cypriot Representatives of Enfield Council, Cypriot Law Courts and Cypriot Parliament.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis 

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