Royal Commission + Childhood Sabotage Fraud Claim Precedent + Election Fairness Claim Precedent + Excess Speed 422100280818 Plea Hearing Test

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

A Damage Limitation Plan for Top- Politicians used an Entrapment Plan that got Court Fraud Proof against Identifiable Individuals.

  1. It used Evidence Production Failures that forced Prosecutors to choose between
    1. the Contempt Remedy using an Immediate Case Withdrawals or an Evidence Production Orders to get Order Breach Conditions or
    2. Delay Frauds and Enforcement Frauds 
  2. It used Court Record Access Denials for 2 Reasons.
    1. It got No Case Record Admissions by Court Officers and Hearing Judges that denied them Fraud Order Defences.
    2. It forced Hearing Judge to choose between Case Dismissals and Fraud Enforcement
  3. It used the General Civil Restraint Renewal Claim CO 2022 612 against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to give the False Impression that Corrupt Officers had the benefit of Enforcement Frauds
  4. It used Hearing Events to get Court Records and Audio Records that are Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Identifiable Individuals

Grateful Thanks to 15 – Year – Old Andreas Theodorou  for the Case management Authority dated 9th April 2022 that enables Representation Tests for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority using the Theodorou Case Papers and a Child Hood Sabotage Fraud Claim and an Election Fairness Claim

Grateful Thanks to Citizen Mrs Theodorou for the Fraud Appeal Grounds + Proposals dated 10th April 2022

Polite Request for the Excess Speed Plea Hearing Test on 12th April 2022 by Citizen Mr Sood aided by Citizen Mr Nkrumah.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  

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