Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Appeal + Emergency Worker Assault Trial 422100145 155 Plea Hearing Integrity Test Notice + Dismissal Bundle Filing + Service

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs Representatives and Law Court Judges

On 5th July 2021, the Emergency Worker Assault Trial 422100145 155 Bail Condition Revocation Application got a Papers Production Failure by the Court Lawyer that got a Papers Offer by the Citizen and use of a Covid Regulation Compliance Reason Fraud for and Offer Rejection by the Court Lawyer and 2 Magistrates.

On 5th July 2021, the Identification Refusal Frauds by the Crown Prosecutor, Court Lawyer and 2 Magistrates and a Crown Court Case Email Denial Fraud creates a Case Notice Obligation for the Crown Prosecutor against the Magistrates Court.

The Integrity Test + Dismissal Application Bundle contains the attached documents:

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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