Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Appeal + Integrity Test Notice and Report + Trials 2100096661 + B01B0837 + E02YM867 + ZC14D02308 + Profession Practice 2855 Mental Unfitness Investigation Fraud

To: House of Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Polite Request for use of the Emergency Worker Assault Trial 422100145155 + 2100096661 Decision Reconsideration Application + Immunity Negotiation Offer by Citizen Mr Nkrumah.

Polite Request for use of the Integrity Test Notice + Action Intent Notice from Osteopath Practitioner 2855 against the General Medical Council and General Osteopathic Council

The Best Advice for the General Medical Council and General Osteopathic Council is:

  1. Take Notice of the Civil Court Integrity Test Update below
  2. Take Notice of the New Case Explanation below
  3. Take Notice of the Emergency Worker Assault Trial 422100145155 + 2100096661 Integrity Test Brief Report. A Royal Commission Email will file and serve the Full Report in Due Course.
  4. Take Notice of the Health Fraud Conspiracy Brief Explanation
  5. Take Notice of the NHS Patient 6328556020 Records Access Authority Offer subject to Full Disclosure Conditions
  6. Conflicted Interest Admissions + Conflict Disqualification Admissions
  7. A Mental Examination Consent Demand Withdrawal by the General Osteopathic Council
  8. A Health Contempt Fraud Risk Warning by the General Medical Council to All Medical Doctors    

Suspicious Circumstance Notice that:

  1. Trust Claim Fraud B01B0837 + Sale Negligence Claim E02YM867 + Connected Cases got Case management Assistance from Citizen Mr Nkrumah for Citizen Mr Sood
  2. The Emergency Worker Assault Trial 422100145155 + 2100096661 Stevenage Magistrates Court Violent Eviction Fraud against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Citizen Mr Nkrumah was followed 15 Hours later by the Money Laundering Entrapment Fraud Email to Citizen Mr Sood

Polite Request that Citizens

  1. Note the Suspicious Coincidence of the Court Building Violent Eviction on 14th July 2021 and the Money Laundering Entrapment Fraud Effort against Citizen Mr Sood about 15 hours later.
  2. Report any other Suspicious Circumstance

Civil Courts Integrity Tests Update. The Top Judge Dismissal Case Notices + Integrity Test Notices got Remedy Denial Fraud Proof + Record Fraud Proof against Lower Rank Judges.  Trust Claim Fraud B01B0837 + Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud got use of No Case Papers Reasons for Remedy Hearing Adjournments that were Remedy Delay Frauds. The B01B0837 Remedy Delay was by a Temporary Judge who made a Case Reference to the Permanent Judges who responsible for the Earlier Court Frauds. The ZC14D02308 Remedy Delay was by the Permanent Judge who had committed the Court Frauds.

Trust Claim Fraud B01B0837 Remedy Delay Decision got revival of Connected Cases evidenced by the Sale Negligence  E02YM867 Directions Questionnaire Filing Order the day after the B01B0837 Adjournment Order Print Date + Service Date. Trust Frauds by the Younger Trustee Son did Consequential Damage that included a Forced Sale of a Flat that was a Trust Asset. An Attorney Powers Grant by the Older Son Trustee got Sale Management Powers for the Trust Beneficiary. The Flat Title contained a Parking Space Alienation Prohibition. A Prohibition Breach was Sale Negligence. It got a Negligence Claim + Negligence Admission + £27,000 Settlement Offer + Settlement Acceptance + Payment Default Breach + Claim E02YM867 + Default Judgement + Default Judgement Set Aside + Accountability Denial Fraud Conspiracy by the Trustee + Lawyers + Court + Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Notices from the Citizen Beneficiary + Royal Commission Emails from the Equity Lawyer Citizen + Royal Commission Email from the Equity Lawyer + Royal Commission Email Blocked Message Responses from the Negligent Lawyers.  The Directions Questionnaire Response from the Negligent Lawyers ignored the Contempt Fraud Case against them and included a Defence Costs Claim for £33,500.00 + Budget Drafting £1,000 + Budget Process £650 = £35,150.00 + Undecipherable Scribbled Signature in an Admitted Liability + £27,000 Settlement Payment Default Claim. It is Costs Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Negligent Lawyers and Law Courts.

Additional Case Explanation. A Corruption Claim Notice from the Osteopath Practitioner got a Mental Examination Consent Demands dated 4th June and 8th July 2021 from the General Osteopathic Council.  Remedy Process needs a Live Case to add to a 5-Year-Old Fraud Conspiracy Proof Set against the State, Profession Authorities and Law Courts. A Criminal Conspiracy got a Jury Tampering Conspiracy Testimony Offer by a Citizen for the State against the Protection Fraud Network. It needed Careful Management. The Liable Parties found out. They used a Middle Eastern State as an Innocent Agent for an Imprisonment Fraud against the Citizen until the Trial Frauds got a Trial Collapse. It got an Imprisonment Procurement Fraud Finding + Release Decision by the Middle Eastern State for the Citizen. A Protection Fraud Deal used Mental Health Frauds + Profession Disqualification Frauds by the General Osteopathic Council as Discredit Frauds against the Citizen. Between late 2013 and early 2016, it got a Complete Set of Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the State, Profession Authorities and Law Courts for Dismissal Cases against Top Judges in Parliament. A European Referenda Commitment in the 2015 General Election Campaign Period got a Governing Majority for Prime Minister Mr Cameron. He could not manage the Top Judge Dismissals and the Referenda Campaign at the same time. He made a Priority Decision for the European Referenda because the Corruption Exposure of the Judge Dismissals would get Leave Votes.  He led the Remain Campaign, lost and resigned. It was an Honourable Resignation. It got a 5 Year Delay for the Top Judge Dismissal Cases. The Royal Commission Emails get Automatic Replies from the General Medical Council. There has been no need to include the General Osteopathic Council on the Royal Commission Email Address List until now. A Fraud Conspiracy Exposure got a Conflicted Interest Admission by Essex Magistrates and a Case Transfer by them to Hertfordshire Magistrates.

Emergency Worker Assault Trial 422100145155 + 2100096661 Integrity Tests Brief Report.  A Land Fraud Conspiracy used Tenancy Forgeries by Housing Association Officers as Fraud Commitment Proof to get Protection Frauds from the Law Courts. Forgery Complaints by Citizen Mr Nkrumah got Protection Fraud Demands by the Housing Officers and Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Citizen Mr Nkrumah. Fraud Services + a Profit Share Demand by the Metropolitan Police got a Profit Share Refusal by Top Judges and a Framing Fraud Expert Resource Allocation Refusal by the Metropolitan Police. An In-House Framing Fraud Conspiracy by the Ministry of Justice used a Prison Release Licence Forgery for a Licence Breach Prosecution Frauds. It added to the Case Record Fraud Proof against the Ministry of Justice and Law Courts. It got Framing Fraud Efforts by Incompetent Officers who did not know about the Resource Allocation Refusal of Top Officers. They used an Innocent Event for a House Entry Fraud and a Half-Eaten Shea Butter Pack for a Suspicious White Substance Pretence Fraud + Drug Crime Investigation Fraud + Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud + Family Sabotage Bail Conditions Fraud that got Family Sabotage Fraud + Children Theft Conspiracy by the Local Authority. The Framing Fraud Orders Deficit motivated a number of Fraud Sabotage Efforts as Career Self Defence Efforts by Ordinary Officers. A Bail Conditions Revocation Application got Fraud Services from the Crown Prosecutor and Magistrates Court until a Confidence Collapse + Resistance Withdrawal by the Crown Prosecutor. It got a Confidence Collapse + Children Return + Crime Case Defamation Frauds use for a Continuing Child Protection Fraud Conspiracy by the Local Authority.  A Public Gallery Appearance got a Public Gallery Clearance Order Fraud by a Hearing Judge and an Emergency Worker Assault Framing Fraud Conspiracy by Court Security and Essex Police. Framing Fraud Sabotage by Ordinary Officers  On 14th July 2021 the Court Building Admission Process discovered the Emotional Immaturity of the Security Manager. The Plea Hearing got a No Jurisdiction Defence + Crown Court Election + Case Dismissal Application by Citizen Mr Nkrumah got a Case Dismissal Preparation Adjournment for the Crown Prosecutor. It got use of the Adjournment Period Absence by the Citizen and Equity Lawyer for a Secret Hearing + Crown Court Election Denial Fraud Conspiracy + Magistrates Court Election Fraud Conspiracy + Trial Order Fraud Conspiracy + Bail Conditions Pronouncement Fraud Conspiracy + Court Room Exclusion Fraud Conspiracy by the Usher, Security Manager, Crown Prosecutor, Court Lawyer, and Magistrates against Citizen Mr Nkrumah and a Public Gallery Exclusion  Fraud Conspiracy by the Guilty Parties against the Equity Lawyer. Ancient Customs has used Court Room Appearances as Hearing Readiness Signals by the Representatives of Waiting Cases. The Hearing Readiness Signal Decision by the Citizen and Equity Lawyer got Bag Packing by the Citizen and a Court Room Entry by the Equity Lawyer. It discovered the Court Room + Public Gallery Access Denial Fraud Conspiracy. It got Entry Obstruction + Security Call by the Usher. It got Polite Request Distraction Frauds by the Security Manager and Public Gallery Access Demands by the Equity lawyer and Court Room Entry + Public Rights Access Demand Notice from the Equity Lawyer.  It got an Immediate Stand + Rapid Exit by the 3 Magistrates + Immediate Stand + Rapid Move by the Court Lawyer to the Dock End of the Court Lawyer Desk. It got a Shocked + Staring Expression from the Court Lawyer.  The Responsible Individuals Identification Demand by the Equity Lawyer got Identification Refusal Frauds by the Security Manager and Court Lawyer. The Fraud Exposure was a Fraud Execution Failure by the Security Guard. The Fraud Execution Failure + Fraud Exposure + Responsible Individual Identification Demands + Emotional Immaturity got Angry Behaviour by the Security Manager. The Citizen arrived. The Magistrates Bench was vacant. A Not in Session Admission Comment + Video Preparation Behaviour by the Citizen got a Not In Session Admission + Video Objection from the Security Manager. The Repeat Responsible Individual Identification Demand got an Identification Denial Fraud by the Court Lawyer and an Angry Outburst + Violent Eviction Fraud by the Security Manager against the Equity Lawyer.  

Health Fraud Conspiracy Brief Explanation. The NHS Patient 6328556020 Records + Medical Records Access Denial Frauds are Health Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Equity Lawyer against Top Doctors and Health Authorities. They include the use of a Secret Diagnosis Fraud + Prescription Fraud and Urea Retention Side Effects that in a Kidney Failure Case is a Poison Fraud. Suspicious Behaviour by a Drugs Nurse got Drug Questions by the equity Lawyer that got Embarrassed Behaviour by the Drugs Nurse and then a Case Reference to Renal Doctors. The Urea Retention Poison Questions by the Equity Lawyer got Ignorance Claims by Renal Doctors. A Confidence Collapse denied completion of the Poison Fraud and got a Health fraud Conspiracy to use a Without Treatment Discharge Fraud by Broomfield Hospital to get Repeat End Stage Kidney Failure and an Emergency Admission to Any Other Hospital and Repeat Health Frauds. An Out Patient Treatment Appointment Demand by the Equity Lawyer forced the Discharge Nurse to make an Out Patient Appointment to avoid providing the Treatment Denial Fraud Conspiracy Proof of an Eviction Fraud by Essex Police. Appearance at the Out Patient Appointment forced the Renal Nurse to start the Treatment Procedure by taking Blood Samples to avoid providing the Treatment Denial Fraud Conspiracy Proof of an Eviction Fraud by Essex Police.  It got Dialysis Treatment Out Patient Services for the Equity Lawyer from Broomfield Hospital.

NHS Patient 6328556020 Records Access Authority Offer subject to Full Disclosure Conditions from the Equity Lawyer to All Interested Parties

Delay Explanation. Kidney Failure + Heat Waves gets Rest Need Increases for the Equity Lawyer and Service Delays for the Remedy Process.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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