Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Appeal + Land Frauds ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Top Judge Dismissal Case Notices and Fraud Cases got Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against Lower Rank Judges.

Shop Theft Sale Enforcement Claim Fraud G02EC632 got a 2nd Hearing Denial Fraud that used a 2nd Adjournment Fraud Conspiracy by the Buyers, Buyer lawyers, Seller Lawyers, County Court and a High Court Justice against the Citizen Seller.

Trust Claim Fraud B01B0837 got a Case Allocation by Permanent Judges to a Temporary Judge. It got a No Papers Reason for a Case Return Order by the Temporary Judge to the Permanent Judges and then an Adjourned Hearing Date Denial Fraud by them. More than 600 Labelled Scans got Reduced Dependency for the Corruption Investigators on the Testimony Competence of Citizen Beneficiary Father Mr Sham Sood. The Trust Frauds did Consequential Damaged that included a Forced Sale and Sale Negligence and a Negligence Settlement and Settlement Breach Claim E02YM867. He will please Print + Sign + Scan + Email the attached E02YM867 Directions Questionnaire Papers.

The Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Revocation Hearing on 9th July 2021 is a Remedy Test of the Permanent Judge who committed the Property Frauds using Evidence Exclusion Frauds. The attached Statement + Proposals produced by the Equity Lawyer and a Statement + Proposals produced by Citizen Mrs Theodorou will service an Evidence Exclusion  Test as well as a Remedy test.

Master Andreas Theodorou will please delay the Go Home Event until after the Remedy Hearing.     

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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