Royal Commission + Court of Appeal 2022 002522 + 2023 000127 + High Court 2022 003098 + More

Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives, State Officers and Law Court Judges,

A lot has happened in the 28 days since the last Royal Commission Email to MPs.

England Fraud Appeals 2022 002522 + 2023 000127 got Joint Liability Proof for the Equity Lawyer against the Court of Appeal for the High Court Trial Frauds. The Bundle Filing Time Extension Request got an Alleged Case Papers Consideration on Monday, 13th February, by a Lord Justice. The Decision Notice Denial Fraud by the Court of Appeal was still in progress when this email was sent. It is Relevant Evidence for the 2022 003098 Trial Dismissal Application on 8th March 2023 by the Equity Lawyer.

Northern Ireland Corruption Claim 2022 100826 and Bankruptcy Fraud 21 045650 got New Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Bankruptcy Trustee, State Officers, and the High Court. It got the fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal.

The Tenancy Forgery Complaints by Citizen Mr Nkrumah motivated Protection Fraud Demands by Housing Association Officers. A Protection Fraud Call by Top Judges got a Framing Frauds by the Metropolitan Police. A Profit Share Demand by Top Police got a Share Refusal by Top Judges and a Framing Fraud Resource Allocation Refusal by Top Police. Protection Fraud Calls by Law Court Judges got Incompetent Framing Frauds by Idiot Officers that needed Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds by Law Court Judges.  All of it is Case Evidence and Similar Fact Evidence for Case Dismissal Applications by Citizen Mr Nkrumah at Trial Events in March 2023 that will get Crown Court Audio Records.

Special Protection Offers by the Equity Lawyer motivated some Organised Crime Traders to recruit others. It needs Regulation Breach Immunity + Criminal Immunity from the Cabinet and, in some cases, Civil Claim Settlements with Citizens. It will get Organised Crime Proof for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority against Corrupt Officers and Law Court Judges. Special Protection + Advanced Electronic Signatures will get  Improved Accounting + Increased Revenue for the State and Employment Improvements for millions.

Integrity Tests got Case Sabotage Fraud Proof for Members against some of the Trade Unions. They got Confidence Deficit Proof against some of the Trade Union Leaders. Advanced Electronic Signatures will enable Service Improvements and Increased Confidence for the Trade Unions.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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