Royal Commission, Fraud Appeal and Contempt Claim Fraud

To: House of Common Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs and Government Lawyers

Without Prejudice to Invalidity Arguments, the Equity Lawyer demands the use of Court Facilities for the Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 Remote Committal Hearing on 17th June 2020. Government Lawyers gave Remote Hearing Instructions that got a Remote Hearing Notice by the High Court using BT Meet Me or Skype. The Remote Hearing Sealed Order Request by the Equity Lawyer got a Sealed Order Production Refusal by the High Court.  The Equity Lawyers relied on State Libraries and Friends for Internet Access, It was a Defence Strategy against Computer Hacking Framing Frauds by the Protection Fraud Network. He has an Old Mobile Phone and does not have a Skype Account.  Also, he does not have any experience of setting up a Skype Session.

On Friday 12th June 2020 the Equity Lawyer received the State Bundle. It omits Relevant Evidence. It omits most of the Royal Commission Emails and Attachments. The Equity Lawyer does not have Print Facilities. He asked for them to be included.  The Equity Lawyer intends to send an Attachment Email to the High Court and Government Lawyers so that the Royal Commission, Lord Bishops and Crown will have an Official Record that evidences the Omission Fraud.

Integrity Test Update

The Remedy Process uses Justice Process Contempt Remedy Powers and the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. The Proof Standard needs the Citizen Papers to contain Context Explanations and Remedy Proposals that reveal the differences, if any, between the Actual Process and a Just Process. The Dictator Plan relies on Contempt Remedy Denial Frauds. It spent decades conditioning the Legal Profession out of requiring Process Evidence and into accepting State Evidence.  The Citizen Papers contain what the Crown and Lord Bishops need to make the Context Notice Findings and Valid Process Findings needed for Invalid Process Findings.

Efficient Case Management requires Repeated Use of the Proven Facts. It enables Repeat Findings by the Crown and Lord Bishops. The context is different in each case and each stage of each case.

The Citizens understand their own cases. They know what they are doing when they allow use of their cases for the  Remedy Process. Most of them do not understand the Remedy Process when it uses other cases. The Citizens are included in the Royal Commission Email Address List. It enables the Crown and Lord Bishops to make Disclosure Findings for the Case Owners and Public Notice Findings for everyone else. 

The Remedy Process needed Integrity Tests between General Election Day in 2019 and Easter Week in 2020. The Integrity Tests needed to deal with the Protection Fraud Network as a whole, the Ministry of Justice as part of it and Organised Crime that was not part of it.

It will help to explain the background to the Integrity Tests of the Protection Fraud Network. The European Constitution vested Dictator Powers in the State. The European Leaders wanted Referenda Acceptance of the Dictator Powers. They needed Referenda Election Frauds to get it. The Lawful Business of British Citizens made inevitable the exposure of the Referenda Election Frauds. In 2004 the European Leaders used Business Sabotage Frauds as Election Fraud Concealment Frauds. They used Extradition Frauds and Imprisonment Frauds for the Sabotage Frauds and Concealment Frauds. Everything that could go wrong for them did go wrong. The 1st Extradition Frauds discovered that Top Police, Top Customs and Top Judges were the Top Illegal Drug Importers. Prime Minister Mr Blair did a Protection Fraud Deal that gave him a Profit Share. Top Judges needed to New Business to cover the Lost Profits. They sold Protection Frauds to Top INsurers and Top Surveyors that enabled the sale of Land Frauds for Big Landowners against Small Businesses. The Top Judges were jealous of the Fraud Profits made by the Big Landlowers. The Top Judges used the Protection Fraud Network for Business Thefts to increase the Land Fraud Profits. They used the Protection Fraud Network to get Framing Frauds by Top Police that got Forced Sales and Business Thefts. The Integrity Tests needed a Business Theft Case. The Fast Food Shop Theft at Bow, London was excellent for the purpose. It had an Honest Judge. The 1st Framing Fraud failed. The Crown Court Judge noticed Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds, supervised the Jury into an Acquittal Decision and gave Claim Advice for the Victim Mr Yedilayli against the Metropolitan Police, Ministry of Justice and Defenders.  The Victim could not act on the Claim Advice because he was Emotionally Exhausted and Financially Drained and had Limited English Language. The 2nd Framing Fraud got a Forced Sale and Business Theft. The Business Theft Complaint got INvestigation Denial Fraud Proof against the Metropolitan Police. The Business Recovery Claim 2019 003741 and Corruption Claim 2019 003984 were used for Damage Mitigation Applications. They got Hearing Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court. Top Judges made a 1st and 2nd Protection Fraud Call for Investigation Frauds and Finding Frauds by the Metropolitan Police that they could use for Claim Dismissal Frauds. They failed. The Equity Lawyer and Citizen used the Complainant Interview and the Suspect Interview to present the Fraud Proof against the High Court. The result was No Further Action Decisions by the Metropolitan Police and Hearing Denial Frauds by the High Court.

The Crown and Lord Bishops need to know that after the 2nd Protection Fraud had failed Citizen Mr Yedialyli and His Family expected Immediate Progress. They knew the Remedy Process needed to get Dismissal Justice against the Corrupt Judges.  It was as if the Chronic Stress of Each Significant Event caused them to forget the Remedy Process needed Judge Dismissals and prompted them to expect Remedy Satisfaction. 

The Prison Licence Breach Prosecution Frauds against Citizen Mr Nkrumah used a Forged Prison Release Licence. The Witnesses, Investigators, Prosecutors and Court Officers were Ministry of Justice Officers. It made the case excellent for the Justice Ministry Test. Citizen Mr Nkrumah was intelligent enough to ask for Remedy Process Training. The Equity Lawyer was unable to give it because of the demands of the Integrity Tests and the End Stage Kidney Failure.

The Case Profile of the Framing Frauds against Citizen Mr Carter evidenced that the Corruption Controllers were Low Rank Officers who had Blackmail Powers against Superior Officers and did not pay the Protection Fee to the Protection Fraud Network. Citizen Mr Carter knew he was Black and a Corruption Victim. He knew the facts but did not know how to interpret them. The Low Rank Officers did not have the Support Services provided by the Protection Fraud Network. They were limited to what the Local Corrupt Officers could manage for themselves. The Framin Fraud Plea Hearing on 29th January 2020 prompted the february Framing Fraud. It failed. It split the Local Police. Some of them wanted nothing to do with a Framing Fraud that the Royal Commission was using for a Corruption Investigation. Citizen Mr Carter delayed meeting the Equity Lawyer. They met on 1st March 2020 and produced the Case Applications and Trial Management Proposals and Appeal Grounds. The Equity Lawyer could not do everything because he was in End Stage Kidney Failure. Citizen Mr Carter was to complete and file the Appeal Form and extract the Relevant Content of the Video Records for a Presentation Video. Citizen Ms Berry helped him produce the Presentation Video. He did not complete and file the Appeal Form.  He did not communicate. He says that in late April 2020 he received an Undated Hearing Notice for 11th June 2020. Also, he says he received a Framing Fraud Cancellation Notice. He did not disclose them to the Equity Lawyer. On the evidence available the Hearing Notice was used to put the Low Rank Corruption Controllers under pressure. Between Friday 5th and Sunday 7th June 2020 they used a Police Mob for an Investigation Fraud + Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud + Interview Fraud against Citizen Mr Carter and His Daughter. There was another Arrest Fraud on Monday 8th June 2020 that resulted in a Caution + Suspect Interview Appointment for Friday 13th June 2020. The Equity Lawyer produced the Case Dismissal Application dated 10th June 2020. The Trial Attendance on 11th June 2020 by the Equity Lawyer got a Trial Denial by the Security Officer who claimed the Court Officers said there was No Record on the Court System.  The Equity Lawyer telephoned Citizen Mr Carter. He claimed to have the Undated hearing Notice and mentioned the Framing Fraud Cancellation. The Equity Lawyer asked for Scanned Documents by Email so that he could give Interview Management Advice. Citizen Mr Carter agreed to provide the Scanned Documents but did not do so. On Friday 12th June 2020 the Equity Lawyer telephoned Citizen Mr Carter to give the INterview Advice and discovered there was an Interview Postponement to Sunday 14th June 2020.

Best Advice for Citizen Mr Carter is to use the Interview Event to get an Audio Record of him introducing as evidence the Cse Papers dated 1st March 2020 and the Undated Hearing Notice and the Framing Fraud Cancellation Notice and the Case Dismissal Application dated 10th June 2020. 

The Crown and Lord Bishops need to know that the process discovered that Citizen Mr Carter makes efforts to get evidence but has absolutely no idea what to do with it. The Co-operation Failures and through Ignorance and Incompetence and are Not Malicious. The Equity Lawyer suspects that Citizen Mr Carter is a Repeat Victim because Incompetent Case Management makes him an Easy Target. The fact he is Black is Probably Irrelevant. The Black Lives Matter Movement has the potential to get Priority for Blackness against Incompetent Management as a Corruption Cause. 

The Family Sabotage Fraud Case 2020 086688 has been used for Integrity Tests by Citizen Mr Coyle to identify and isolate Corruption Controllers in Northern Ireland. There are Reasonable Suspicions the Paternal Grand Father is one of them. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis



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