Royal Commission, Fraud Appeal 2020 0396, PI 10942, Contempt Claim 2020 000286 and Interim Remedy Protection Draft Orders

To: Citizens, House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councillors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

Best Advice for Ms Berry:

  1. A Priority Decision for Relationship Maintenance with your Son
  2. Extortion of a Massive Price and Immediate Payment for enabling a Baby’s Body Destruction Consent from Family Members that Protection Fraud Networks needed for Death Inquest Case Closure Frauds
  3. Immunity Deals on Full Disclosure Conditions with the Indian State and United Kingdom State that enables you and your Son to keep the money and your liberty
  4. Discretion Discipline that enables Efficient Management for the Remedy Process

Warning for Ms Berry that Truth will get Understanding and Support, and Falsehood will get Understanding and Rejection.

Brief Explanation

The Remedy Process created Remorseless Pressure that forced the Protection Frauds Networks into Progressive Desperation. The Remedy Process needed Corruption Cases to measure the Progressive Desperation and Key Cases for Remedy Publicity. The Key Cases will get either Direct Publicity or be used for Valid Blackmail that gets Remedy Co-operation that otherwise would not be got. The Genome Project created a Market Value for Human Organs that were Genetic Defect Evidence. Corrupt Doctors used Diagnosis Frauds, Medical Murders and Human Organ Thefts for Private Profit.

The Sunaina Chaudhari Case exposed Human Organ Theft Murders and Protection Frauds and then a Massive Irony. She was a Maternal Grand Daughter of an Honest Lawyer.  In the 1960s Organised Crime got control of the Indian Courts. They used the Out of State Death Inquest Jurisdiction Deficit and Bride Dowry Murders to recruit Corrupt Officers for the Indian Protection Fraud Network. They used Out of State Honeymoons for Bride Murders and Life Policies to pay Protection Fraud Bribes and Dowry Assets to motivate the Grooms. The choice for Honest Lawyers was to stay honest and die, become dishonest and live or flee the jurisdiction. The Maternal Grand Father fled the jurisdiction.

33 years later Corrupt Doctors used Genetic Defect Diagnosis Fraud and Medical Murder of the Maternal Grand Daughter for a Human Organ Theft and Sale Profits. The Maternal Grand Father had the Legal Expertise to give Case Management Advice to the Parents that included Case Management Authority for Equity Lawyer Dr Adoko.  Between 2000 and 2004 the Maternal Grand Father provided the Relationship Stability long enough for Dr Odoko to get a Complete Set of Fraud Proof that met the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. Ill Health prevented him from doing the work himself. He knew who to trust. He advised the Baby’s Parents to give Case Management Authority to Equity Lawyer Dr Odoko.

Between 2004 and 2006 Other Cases got Corruption Findings, Remedy Denial Fraud Finding, Unfitness Findings and a Dismissal Decision against Prime Minister Mr Blair. It enabled the Crown to impose Corruption Remedy Conditions in the Parliament Session Agreement. They required that Prime Minister Mr Blair sign a 10 Months Retirement Notice and get Mass Publicity for it. Corrupt Officers demanded Protection Fraud. In the Baby Murder Case they were given a Body Destruction Order by Prime Minister Mr Blair. The Family frustrated it by Immediate Removal of the Baby’s Body to India and then a Death Inquest Application to the High Court. It got Case Acceptance, a Body Preservation Order, a Jurisdiction Deficit Finding and a Jurisdiction Deficit Remedy Case Reference by the High Court, Supreme Court and Law Commission to the Indian Parliament. The Indian Protection Fraud Network procured Remedy Denial Frauds by the Indian Parliament. They wanted Case Closure Frauds that needed Body Destruction Contents by Family Members.

Bribery and Blackmail for Consent Extortion Frauds by the British Protection Fraud Network got Consent Refusals by the Baby’s Mother and the Oldest Sister, Ms Berry.

The Maternal Grand Parents died leaving a Family Estate worth almost £1,000,000. Bribery and Blackmail by the Protection Fraud Networks got Family Probate Estate Management Frauds by the Older Brother and Youngest Sister against Baby’s Mother and the Oldest Sister.

The Mother had Terminal Cancer. She agreed to service Corruption Investigations when she lived and after she died. She used a Will and Repeat Will to appoint Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis as Executor and make Will Gifts on Corruption Remedy Conditions. Gift Conditions Notices by the Mother got Gift Qualification Proof for the Oldest Sister and Disqualification Proof against the Older Brother, Youngest Sister and Baby’s Father.

The Mother died. The Older Brother and Youngest Sister seized the Mother’s Body and excluded the Oldest Sister from the Funeral Plan but not the Funeral Event. Body Destruction Proposals by the Baby’s Father got Destruction Consent Refusals by the Equity Lawyer and the Oldest Sister. They dare not risk a Probate Contest that the Equity Lawyer used to forced Body Preservation and Evidence Preservation by British Law Courts.

The Mothers Probate Estate Inheritance Tax Accounts dated August 2020 got a No Tax Liability Certificate dated September 2020 from the Inheritance Tax Officers. It enabled a Probate Grant and use of it for Body Destruction Consent Prohibitions Orders and Evidence Preservation Orders against Family Members.

The Protection Fraud Networks forced Chaudhari Family Members to get a Probate Estate Deal that included Evidence Destruction and Body Destruction Consents. The Sons of the Oldest and Youngest Daughters were Negotiation Agents.

The Equity Lawyer gave Case Management Advice for Deal Conditions:

  1. requiring Joint Representative Status for the Oldest Daughter or him with the Older Brother and Youngest Sister and
  2. requiring Accounting Consistency between the Inheritance Tax Accounts of the Mothers probate Estate with the Maternal Grand Parents Probate Estate

The result was a Probate Deal. It needed Will and Repeat Will Denial Frauds or an Executorship Renunciation by the Equity Lawyer that omitted any mention of the Body Destruction Consent Extortion Frauds. They chose Will Denial Frauds. They managed it badly. They used Trust Breach Allegation Frauds against the Equity Lawyer by the Oldest Sister in spite of the facts:

  1. She was the Sole Qualifying Beneficiary of the Will and Repeat Will of the Mother
  2. She had agreed the Inheritance Tax Accounts for the Mother’s Probate Estate.
  3. She had the Baby Murder Case Papers and would have to explain the Case Papers Destruction
  4. The Trust Breach Allegation Frauds are Relevant Evidence in All Remedy Process Cases
  5. The Corruption Investigators were waiting for Probate Deals to provide Criminal Conspiracy Proof 

The Equity Lawyer needed to get the Proof Sets. He has got them. He has no interest in criticising Ms Berry or her Son for the Probate Deal Frauds. Competent Negotiation by them has the potential to get a Deal Price and Payments Proof that are Reliable Measures of the Desperation for the Remedy Process against the Protection Fraud Networks.  It will add to the Proof Sets.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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