Royal Commission + Fraud Appeals + Case Remedy Unfitness Finding against the Law Courts + Mass Remedy Obligation Notice to the Cabinet and Parliament + Housing Case Notice

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Polite Request + Best Advice for a Case Reference from Chelmsford Council Housing Officer Ms Barber to the Chief Housing Officer, Chief Lawyer and Chief Executive

Flat Acceptance Notice conditional upon Occupation Fitness to Chelmsford Council

Flat Acceptance Credibility Damage Risk Warning to the Cabinet and Prime Minister for the Stated Reasons:

  1. Asset Thefts + Freezing frauds created the Financial Dependency of the Equity Lawyer on the State
  2. The Shared House Offers in Highgate and Hainault got Housing Denial Fraud Proof against Local Authorities
  3. The Flat Allocation for the Equity Lawyer was a Housing Denial Fraud against the Genuinely Needy.
  4. The 106 Day Delay between the Available Flat Telephone Notice Call on 15th April 2021 to the Proposed Inspection + Sign Up Day on 30th July 2021 needs explanation. It is Routine Inefficiency or Special Inefficiency or Delay Orders that enabled Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to service the Law Court Integrity Tests before the Summer Recess.
  5. The Flat Vacancy Period was a Housing Denial Fraud against the Genuinely Needy

The Law Court Integrity Test Series between Session Opening Day on 11th May 2021 and Summer Recess Day got the Worst Possible Results. They are Case Remedy Unfitness Proof against the Law Courts and Mass Remedy Obligation Proof against Parliament. On Wednesday 28th July 2021 the Criminal Court Integrity Test got a Crown Court Committal Fraud. It will get an Audio Record of a No Jurisdiction Plea and Case Dismissal Application. The Invalidity Case is that a Justice Perversion Fraud Conspiracy by Essex Magistrates and Essex Police used a Motor Case for a Judge Identification Refusal Fraud + Hearing Session Suspension Adjournment and the Adjournment Period for a Secret Public Gallery Clearance Order Fraud and Essex Police for a Public Gallery Clearance Enforcement Fraud + Assault Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud + Bail Weekly Reporting Conditi0ons Fraud + Defence Witness Exclusion Frauds + Legal Assistance Exclusion Frauds + Public Gallery Witness Exclusion Frauds + Integrity Test Manager Exclusion Frauds + Remedy Application Process Denial Frauds + Remand Application Hearing Pretence Frauds + Evidence Exclusion Frauds + Bail Condition Revocation Hearing Denial Frauds. A Forced Eviction Refusal by a Security Guard and an Integrity Test Report broke the confidence of Essex Magistrates that they could manage the Exclusion Frauds. A Criminal Conspiracy by Essex Magistrates and Hertfordshire Magistrates invalidated a Case Transfer Fraud and denied Hertfordshire Magistrates a Valid Title to the Plea Hearing. The Plea Hearing + Venue Notice got Advance Notice of an Evidence Offer + Offer Acceptance + No Jurisdiction Plea + No Jurisdiction Case Dismissal Application + Hearing Management Proposals. The 1st Plea Hearing on 14th July 2021 got Exclusion Fraud Conspiracy Proof until a Confidence Collapse got Admission Decisions. The Plea Hearing got Identity Disclosure Denial Frauds by the Court Lawyer and 3 Magistrates, and Identity Disclosure by Crown Prosecutor Mr Domonic Woolard.  The Emergency Worker Assault Charge got a No Jurisdiction Plea + Case Dismissal Application + Crown Court Election got a Short Session Suspension Adjournment for Case Dismissal Application Preparations. The  Violent Evictions Frauds of the Citizen Defendant and Equity Lawyer who was the Defence Witness + Legal Assistance +  Remedy Research Notice that the Co-operation Tests of Victims discovered that Efficient Management of Mass Remedies by Parliament needs Special Services with Co-ordinated Management that is Credibly Independent of the State.   

Credible Independence Best Qualification Notice for the Equity Lawyer against the State

Mass Remedy Management Proposal for:

  1. Remedy Settlement Negotiations between the Cabinet and Equity Lawyer that gets the Management Facilities for the Special Services
  2. Interim Damages that are sufficient
    1. to start the Special Service Set Up Start and
    2. to enable a Flat Release by the Equity Lawyer for the Genuinely Needy.  

Polite Notice that the Remedy Co-operation Tests got:

  1. Corruption Damage Incapacity Proof for Victims
  2. Corruption Damage Valuation Service Refusal Proof against Qualified Surveyors
  3. Passport Application PEX 350 389 5673 Identity Verification Denial Proof against the GP Practitioners.

The Passport Identity Verification Request + Service Email to Lord Howard and Kent Professions will get either Identity Verification Proof for them or Refusal Proof against them. The Application Expiry Date is 9th August 2021.

Folkestone and Hythe MP Sir Albert Costain built up a Big Parliamentary Majority. In 1982 an MP Retirement Notice got an MP Candidacy Contest and a Short List of a QC and 2 Marketers. The contest was between the Cabinet Office Potential of the QC and the Personal Charm of 2 Marketers. Personal Charm carried more weight with Old Ladies who had Selection Votes. The Equity Lawyer made an Election Strategy Case for the Cabinet Potential to get the Big Majority and the Personal Charm to win Marginal Seats. It got acceptance by the Old Ladies and helped to get a Candidacy Win for Mr Michael Howard. The 1983 Election returned him as MP. It is unlikely anyone told him.

The Equity Lawyer conducted Silence Rights Waiver Research. He used a Dinner Event for a 5 Minute Briefing that the Research Test Results validated use of a Silence Rights Termination Bill that the Home Office prepared decades ago but dare not implement. It was a Career Break Opportunity for MP Mr Howard. Best Management of the Silence Rights Termination needed a Full Briefing and the Research Material and Additional Tests. Soon afterwards the Equity Lawyer discovered a Test Event in the Magistrates Court and realised that the Silence Rights Termination Process would not get Best Management. And he had been excluded from the Additional Tests. It was a Bad Decision that had Serious Consequences and Reduced Relevance for MP Mr Howard.

In 1995 the Equity Lawyer started the development of Signature Analysis Technology. In 1996 the North Shropshire MP Retirement Notice got a Candidacy Contest.  The Dairy Industry and Central Location between Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool made it a Convenient Constituency for the Advanced Electronic Signature Industry. The Management Plan needed some Business Managers in North Shropshire. They wanted a Local Man as Local MP. Some of them wanted the Equity Lawyer as Local MP. A Candidacy Announcement by Local Man Mr Owen Paterson got a Brief Enquiries and a No Contest Decision by the Equity Lawyer to avoid splitting the Local Man Vote.  The 1997 Election returned him as MP. It got Reduced Dependency on MP Mr Howard.

In 2004 the Equity Lawyer helped Mr Mark Convery get a Maintenance Contract from BP in Angola. A Business Deal got use of it as Priming Demand for Advanced Electronic Signatures in exchange for Business Support Services from the Equity Lawyer. Their Constituency MP was Opposition Leader Mr Michael Howard. The European Leaders made a  Business Sabotage Fraud Plan. It used Extradition Frauds against Mr Mark Convery and Imprisonment Frauds against Mr Edwin Van Stee who was his Dutch Distribution Manager. The 1st Extradition Fraud failed. The 2nd Extradition Fraud Deal needed completion of the Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds by the British Authorities before completion of the Imprisonment Frauds by the Dutch Authorities. The Equity Lawyer got Fraud Conspiracy Proof and used it for a Corruption Notice. It got Revived Use of the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. The Crown Supervised the Party Leaders into Formal Acknowledgement of the Corruption Notice. The 2nd Extradition Fraud Deal needed Conviction Frauds + Sentence Frauds by the Dutch Authorities before the before the 2005 General Election.

The 2005 General Election got a Governing Majority for Prime Minister Mr Blair. A Call Request by the Equity Lawyer got a Call Response by Opposition Leader MP Mr Howard. It got a Grateful Thanks + Congratulations from the Equity Lawyer for everything done to preserve a Viable Basis for a Future Recovery. It was a Remedy Co-operation Opportunity that MP Mr Howard did not take. The Opposition Leadership passed to MP Mr Cameron. Meanwhile, Case Management by the Equity Lawyer got Innocence Evidence Concealment Fraud Proof that got Corruption Findings + Unfitness Findings + Dismissal Priority Findings against Law Court Judges and Execution Responsibility Findings against Prime Minister Mr Blair. The Remedy Failure got an Unfitness Finding  + Dismissal Decision + Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mr Blair.

The Remedy Process needed the 2010 Parliament Session Agreement to require a Corruption Investigation of the Law Courts by the Lord Chancellor for the Crown. In 2009 the Expense Account Scandals serviced the Dismissal Decision against Prime Minister Mr Brown and the Governing Majority. The Firearms Corruption Remedy Claim of a Citizen against Prime Minister Mr Brown gave Interested Party Status to QC MP Mr Kenneth Clarke. It was a Lord Chancellor Appointment Acceptable Risk Finding Notice from the Citizen to the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. Drug Trafficking through the Kent Ports by the Top Police, Top Customs and Top Judges was an Investigation Target.  Lord Chancellor Mr Clarke had to decide who among the Kent MPs to trust as an Information Source. Old Friendship will have informed Risk Decisions how far to trust MP Mr Howard.   

MP Mr Howard was equal to the challenge of getting Cabinet Office. The Corruption Damage was so great that there was No Hope of the 2001 and 2005 getting Governing Majorities for the Opposition Leaders MP Mr William Hague, MP Mr Iain Duncan Smith or MP Mr Michael Howard.   The Remedy Process needed the 2009 Expense Account Scandals to break the Labour Governing and enable the 2010 General Election to transfer the Governing Majority to the Coalition.

Opposition Leader MP Mr Howard was Unequal to an Impossible Challenge. The Passport Application enables him to use the Identity Verification to evidence Remedy Co-operation Intent. In any event, the process raises the question of why the Identity Proof relied on by the NHS for Life Saving Kidney Failure Dialysis Treatment 3 Time Weekly and the Identity Knowledge of the Renal Team Members is not Acceptance Identity Evidence for  Passport Renewal Purposes.  The same applies to Other Identity Proof held by the State. An Identity Verification Refusal by Lord Howard and the Kent Professional will be Relevant Evidence for Identity Verification Proof Reviews.                

Also, the Identity Verification Request is a Flushing Exercise. City Bankers, City Insurers and Kent Managers made up the majority of the Business Pioneers who wanted to exploit Advanced Electronic Signatures. The weighting was to Kent Managers. The Business Plan was to use Post Offices + Royal Mail and Public Libraries as Service Agents.  The Market Frauds against Advanced Electronic Signatures included Budget Restraints against Public Libraries and Ruin Frauds against Post Masters.  They knew they were Injustice Victims. They did not know they were Ruin Fraud Targets. Bank IT Expert Mr Neil Lowden developed the Document Management System that provided Document Verification + Signature Verification + Signature Attachment Verification. Internet Testing by the Bank IT Expert was subject to Secret Surveillance by the Secret Service. A Market Ready Report by the Secret Service got Secret Market Exclusion Fraud Orders by Prime Minister Mr Blair against the Bank IT Expert. He did not know for years. When he found out he needed time to come to terms with it. In 2021 a Standing Order by the Equity Lawyer for the Bank IT Expert got a Scam Finding Fraud + Payment Refusal Fraud by Natwest Bank. Bank Transfer Tests by Citizens using Other Banks got Payment Success Results. Ruin Fraud Targets  It adds to the Ruin Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the bank IT Expert. There will have been Secret Ruin Frauds against Other Victims. Some of them will not have made a connection between the Business Plans that got nowhere and the Ruin Frauds. It will be impossible to get a complete understanding 23 years after the Source Code Theft Conspiracy and 17 years after the Extradition Fraud Conspiracies.  The Remedy Process a Flushing Exercise before Mass Publicity. Frankly, the Equity Lawyer does not expect Remedy Co-operation from the Kent Lawyers. They know he has Client Money Theft Proof + Land Title Fraud Proof + Probate Fraud Proof + Other Fraud Proof against some of them and Remedy Denial Fraud Conspiracy against others.  Most were Decent People under Normal Conditions who lacked the strength to remain Decent People under Corrupt Governance Conditions. Chronic Stress eroded the Decency Identity until all they were left with were Vacuous Behaviour Routines. The Opposition Leaders needed the Remedy Process to break the Labour Majority and discovered the Protection Fraud Network controlled the Coalition Majority and Conservative Majority. The Legal Profession needs a Contempt Purging Process to recalibrate itself.  In 2006 the Disqualification Fraud against the Equity Lawyer discovered the Qualified Lawyers did not have any Remedy Management Potential. They did not have it then. Nothing provides Reasonable Suspicions they have it now. Their best hope is that Lord Howard rises to the occasion, provides Identity Verification and does whatever is needed to persuade Law Society Leaders to stir up the rest.

Whatever the result, the Crown and Lord Bishops can use it for Mass Remedy Management Decision.  They will need Settlement Negotiations between the Cabinet and Equity Lawyer.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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