Royal Commission + Fraud Appeals + Profession Practice 2855 Unfitness Prosecution Fraud + Mass Remedies

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Profession Authority Integrity Test got a Repeat Mental Examination Consent Demand Fraud + 20th August Time Limit Notice from the General Osteopathic Council. The Equity Lawyer will give Case Management Advice to Citizen Osteopath Ms Davies. He is dependent on the City Library for Internet Access and his Session Period is not long enough to give it now.

Equity Governance got Law Professions that provided enough Equity Lawyers to staff the Judiciary and Crown, and then the Citizen with 1 for every 100,000 of the population. The Consumerist Dictator Plan used a Proof Burden Reversal Fraud for the Client that forced Decision Responsibility Denial by the Qualified Lawyers. It denied the Citizen the benefit of Judgment Services by Qualified Lawyers. It denied the Evidence Flow that the Parliament Session Jurisdictions needed to function. The Dictator Plan replacement of the Justice Priority of the People with the Obedience Priority of the State. It started with Political Correctness Bias Frauds. It ended with Predation Enforcement Frauds for the Protection Fraud Network. It failed.

The Dictator Plan did Systemic Damage. Bias Frauds got Justice Perversion. Better Career Prospects for Ethnic Minority Officers against Caucasian Officers got a Predictable Response. It was Institutional Racism.

Mass Remedies needs the Justice Priority as the Unifying Idea and Common Law Practice as the Unifying Method. It needs to work from the top down.

Professional Qualifications need:

  1. to start with the Justice Priority Obligation and the Remedy Co-operation Standard needed to service the Parliament Session Jurisdictions and
  2. then the Business Competence and Technical Competence for the Separate Profession.

Profession Disqualification needs Separate Jurisdictions:

  1. to deal with Justice Perversions Failures that denied services to the Parliament Session Jurisdictions and
  2. to deal with Business Failures and Technical Failures that denied Good Service for the Client

Efficient Management needs:

  1. A Judiciary Purging Event with Dismissal Decisions against All Judges and Re-engagement Applications on Remedy Co-operation Terms that needs Full Disclosure about All Frauds
  2. New Market Conditions that motivate Change Management by the Qualified Professionals.
  3. A Loud Voice for the Silent Majority using a series of Mass Media Events in which Corruption Damage Contests between the Citizen and the Consumerist Dictator get Jury Findings by Lay Jurors and Profession Jurors and Other Juries, and then Finding Comparisons. 

Mass Remedies needs Court Fee Revocations + Conflict Disqualifications + Representation Monopoly Enforcement Prohibitions + Personal Liability + Proof Burden Reversals + Interim Remedies + Remedy Jury Trial Rights for the Victims against Liable Parties + Remedy Priority for the Individual Victim against the State + Costs Indemnity for Successful Defendants against the State + Remedy Publicity Cases.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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