Royal Commission + Fraud Mass Remedy Tests + Osteopath Unfitness Case + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + F00LE923

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Grateful Thanks to Citizen Ms Davies for the Conflict Disqualification Declaration Claim + Interim Remedy Application on 10th September 2021. An Anonymous High Court Judge pretended the need for an Urgent Case Opinion by a Qualified Lawyer to get an Emergency Hearing i to stop a Short Notice Hearing in the Summer Vacation for a Pending Investigation Practice Suspension Order for the Corrupt Officers against the Citizen.

Polite Request that Citizen Ms Davies:

  1. use the attached document to ask her Private Practice Connections to assist with Mass Remedy Research and
  2. ask Local Journalists to assist with Mass Remedy Research Publicity.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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