Royal Commission + Hearing Proposals for Osteopath 2855 Profession Fitness Case 839 + Council Tax Case 431297924

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers, Legal Representatives, and Law Court Judges,

Contempt and Terrorism Penalty Warning to the State, Profession Authorities and Law Courts that the Test Case Results will be used for Publicity Management in the Forced General Election.   

The Parliament Fitness Case against  North Shropshire MP Mr Paterson drew attention to Defence Evidence Exclusion Frauds in All Cases. 

The attached Hearing Proposals are for the Osteopath 2855 Profession Fitness Case 839  on Monday 15th November 2021+  Council Tax Case  431297924 on Friday 19th November 2021. Both cases will discover how much of the Conflict Jurisdiction Disqualification Evidence and Liability Defence Evidence the State fails to present to the Adjudicators.

The Osteopath 2855 Fitness Case 839 Hearing Proposals of the General Osteopathic Council have got Special Relevance for the 2006 Law Practice Fitness Case Findings by the Law Society against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. They made Defence Evidence was Corruption Evidence against the State Prosecutor and used an Irrelevance Reason for the Defence Evidence Exclusion. It was an Obvious Fraud used for Practice Disqualification Fraud against All Professionals.

Citizen Ms Davies will please forward this Royal Commission Email to the General Osteopathic Council, Administrative Court, High Court Queens Bench Division, Prime Minister, House of Commons Speaker and Equity lawyer to evidence they are her Hearing Proposals  

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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