Royal Commission + KB 2022 002595 + 2022 003098 Urgent Application Filing and Service Notice + England and Northern Ireland Dispossession Fraud Cases Update

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

The KB 2022 002595 + 2022 003098 Case Consolidation and Witness Protection Urgent Application Papers are attached. The Best Advice from the Equity Lawyer to the Crown and Lord Bishops is for Replacement Judiciary Recruiting.

The English B01B0837 Incapacity Exploitation Fraud + Home Dispossession Fraud was a Superior Jurisdiction Enforcement Stay Protection Breach Contempt Fraud by the Trustee 2nd Son and Contempt Immunity fraud by the County Court and High Court. The Homelessness Housing Application needed the Eviction Warrant as Involuntary Homelessness Proof and Illness Vulnerability Proof. The Eviction Fraud Proof got a Voluntary Homelessness Finding Fraud + Application Dismissal Fraud by Redbridge Council. The Illness Vulnerability Proof Request got an Illness Confirmation Letter + £50 Invoice from the GP Surgery. The Case Management Incapacity needs Total Supervision of Citizen Mr Sood by the Equity Lawyer that Co-operation Refusals by Family Members who have access to him make impossible.             

The Northern Ireland Probate + Bankruptcy Fraud CO12696110 + 21 045650 Eviction Stay Application by Citizen Mr Barr got a Conflict Jurisdiction Qualification Fraud + Case Allocation Fraud to Master Ms Kelly by the Chancery Court Supervision Judges and Case Acceptance Fraud by Master Ms Kelly + Remote Hearing Notice for 7th December 2022, an Unavailability Notice from the Equity Lawyer, Remote Hearing Relisting for 22nd December 2022 + Court Motion Adjournment Order to 25th January 2023 for an Administrative Decision Review + Pending Review Enforcement Stay 1989 Correct Form Regulation Breach Finding  + Breach Remedy 49 Day Time Limit + Regulation Compliance Breach Penalty of an Enforcement Stay Revocation Order + Seal dated 7th December 2022 by Master Ms Kelly and Service Notice on an Uncertain Date and Decision Notice late on 18th December 2022 to the Equity Lawyer. It will get a CO12696110 + 21 045650 Without Prejudice Correct Form Judicial Guidance and Pending Guidance Compliance Penalty Enforcement Stay Legal Assistance Application Conflict Qualification Fraud Appeal to Chancery Court Supervision Judges and a Contempt Fraud Remedy Claim 2022 100 826 Eviction Stay Hearing Listing Demand to the High Court King’s Bench + Secret Hearing Denial Order Fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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