Royal Commission + Mass Remedies + F00LE923 Fraud Complaint + DRAFT Order + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + 422100145155 + 2100096661 + Profession 2855 Fraud

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The 2021 Parliament Session Priorities required Responsibility Apportionment between Case Remedies by Law Courts and Mass Remedies by Parliament. Integrity Tests between Session opening Day on 11th May 2021 and the Summer Recess got Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the Law Courts. It increased the Mass Remedy Obligation of Parliament.

The attached document is entitled 2021 08 09 Royal Commission + Fraud Appeals + Enforcement Claim F00LE923 Fraud Complaint + Court Motion Remedy DRAFT Order of Citizen Mr Zarb v Miss Hanifa Naluyima. Any Fraud Proof gets a Proof Burden Reversal for the Fraud Victim of Everything Else against the Fraud Managers and the Fraud Beneficiary. The Case Record Frauds get Fraud Manager Status for the High Court and Ministry of Justice.

Citizen Mr Zarb is a Computer Expert who achieved Career Maturity when the Labour Governing Majority were using Computer System Budget Frauds for Top Level Bribery. Whistle-Blowing for the National Health Service and Reuters got Secret Market Exclusion Frauds against Citizen Mr Zarb for the Guilty Parties. In 2016 the Honourable Resignation of Prime Minister Mr Cameron denied the Remedy Process the use of his services for the Corruption Dismissal Cases against Top Judges. The Protection Fraud Network needed Protection Frauds from the Next Prime Minister. They bought Leadership Votes for MP Mrs May because she was part of the Protection Fraud Network. She required New Frauds against Corruption Whistle-Blowers as Fraud Commitment Proof before the Protection Fraud Supply. Market Exclusion Frauds had created a Lodger Income Dependency for Citizen Mr Zarb and the need for Lodger Frauds to service a Ruin Fraud against him. In September 2019 he gave the Remedy Process use of his cases. The Victim Circumstances and Case Circumstances got a Fitness Finding for use of it as a Multiple Comparator Case.  It is time to use it as an Integrity Test Comparator Case to discover whether it gets Remedy Proof for the Law Courts or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against them in the Mass Remedy Stage of the Remedy Process.     

The Eviction Claim Fraud F00LE923 £6,900 Damages + £55,000 Costs is a Costs Fraud Comparator for the Sale Negligence £27,000 Settlement Breach Claim E02YM867 that has a Before Trial £36,000 Defence Costs Notice and the Nuisance Claim Fraud E08YJ260 that got a Damage Trial Costs Award of £106,926 in spite of a Liability Judgment Deficit.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis   

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