Royal Commission + Mortgage Default Possession Claim Frauds F1PP7696 + H1PP8822

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Mortgage Default Possession Claim  Frauds F1PP7696 + H1PP8822 and Connected Cases that got Fraud Conspiracy Proof for Citizens and the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority against the Liable Parties, State., Profession Authorities and Law Courts. 

The Sood Family Trust Asset Sale Claim Fraud B01B0837 got Sale Order  Breach Contempt Fraud Proof + Immunity Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Beneficiary Father against the Trustee Son, Bank of Scotland and County Court. The Contempt Fraud Claim and Fraud Appeals got it against the High Court and Court of Appeal. The B01B0837 Contempt Remedy Hearing on 17th December 2021 is a Confidence Test of the County Court when the Christmas Party Scandals are servicing a Dismissal Process against the Prime Minister. 

The Mortgage Default Possession Claim Fraud H1PP8822 Case Explanation Statement of the Equity Lawyer and Draft Order dated 13th December 2021 is Relevant Evidence for F1PP7696  and B01B0837.

The Royal Commission Email on 12th December 2021 got a Bounce Message that is Contempt Fraud Proof for the Equity Lawyer, Citizen Mr Cant and the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority against Security Discharge HOONR895 Claim Manager < > and Hackney Council who they represent. The Bounce Messages from Legal Representatives evidences that they do not need to know anything about their cases because they rely on Immunity Frauds from the Law Courts. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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