Royal Commission + Osteopath Unfitness Case + Smoking Gun Warning + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + F00LE923

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

Remedy Proposals for the High Court in Conflict Disqualification Claim and the General Osteopathic Council Investigation Committee at the Investigation Hearing on 15th September 2021:

  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance Conflicted Interest Investigation Order + Pending Investigation and Legal Representation Stay Case Order for Citizen Osteopath 2855 Ms Michelle Davies against the General Osteopathic Council for the Stated Reason that:
    1. Fair Process needs Party Equality and Professional Representation by Credibly Independent Representatives
    2. The General Osteopathic Council used the Institute of Osteopathy to sell a Professional Indemnity Police to the Citizen Osteopath
    3. The Profession Fitness Investigation motivated a Representation Claim and Insurance Conflicted Interest Enquiries by the Citizen Osteopath
    4. The Conflict Enquires got a Response Refusals by the General Osteopathic Council  
    5. The Insurance Claim got a Telephone Call on 14th September 2021 from the Institute of Osteopathy to the Citizen Osteopath that gave a Representation Refusal Decision Notice and a Hopeless Case Reasons Notice
    6. Fair Process needs    
  2. Full Disclosure Order for Citizen Osteopath 2855 Ms Michelle Lisa Davies against the General Osteopathic Council that the Chief Executive and Chief Lawyer do within 7 days file and serve an Explanation Statement about:
    1. The relationship between the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy and the Professional Indemnity Insurers
    2. The influence the General Osteopathic Council has on the Insurer Approval needed to get on the Approved List of Experts and Representatives
    3. The Standard Process for Policy Claims
    4. The Claim Process for the Policy Claim by Citizen Osteopath 2855 Ms Michelle Lisa Davies  
    5. The differences, if any, between the Standard Process and the Osteopath 2855 Process
    6. The Legal Qualifications of the Claim Handlers
    7. The identity and Qualification of the Claim Officer who made the Representation Refusal Decision
    8. The influence, if any, that the Investigators, Prosecutors and Adjudicators of the General Osteopathic Council had on the Representation Refusal Decision

Smoking Gun Warning:

  1. The Dismissal Decision against the Police Authorities and use of Elected Commissioners for Police and Crime needed a Smoking Gun. The Equity Lawyer got Receipt Stamp Proof from Kent Police Authority Chief Executive on Birkenhead Case Papers. It got Secret Dismissal Representations by Kent Police to the Administrative Court in spite of having No Party Status. It got a Birkenhead Case Dismissal Order by the Administrative Court that gave the Secret Dismissal Representations as the Dismissal Reason.
  2. The Dismissal Decision against the Profession Authority Governance Model needed a Smoking Gun. The Governance Frauds included the use of Profession Indemnity Insurance Frauds. The Representation Refusal Fraud against Citizen Osteopath 2855 is the Smoking Gun.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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