Royal Commission + Parliament Session Priority Test Interim Report and Best Advice + Bankruptcy 2022 000105 and BKT 6519511 + Appeal Case State 2100279461

To: House of Common Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Take Notice that in all Parliamentary Constituencies there are Similar Fact Cases to those explained in the Parliament Session Priority Test Case Interim Report dated 10th June 2022.

Protection Fraud for Murder + Human Organ Theft enabled Black Market Supplies for the Organ Transplant Industry. DNA Identification of Healthy OrgansĀ + Prescription Frauds that get False Symptoms support Diagnosis FraudsĀ + Doomed Life Prognosis Frauds that get Mercy Killing Consents from Relatives and Inheritance Frauds for the Consenting Relatives against Other Relatives.

The attachments are:

  1. 2022 06 10 15 13 Royal Commission + Restraint Renewal CO 612 2022 + Gas Charge Fraud J00CM673 + J00RM833 Issue and Dismissal Fraud Email
  2. 2022 06 10 Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Appeal Grounds + Proposals of Citizen Ms Davies v 7 Defendants
  3. 2022 06 10 Royal Commission +2022 Parliament Session Priority Test Interim Report + Best Advice from Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to MPs
  4. 2022 06 12 Bankruptcy BR 2022 000105 Fraud Annulment Application Grounds + Proposals + signature of Citizen Mr Hastunc v Eatsnow Estates Limited
  5. 2022 06 12 Basildon Assault Trial 2100279461 Fraud Appeal Case Stated Application of Citizen Mr Nkrumah v State

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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