Royal Commission + Political Prisoner Case Notice + Career End Poisonous Case Notice for Citizen Mr Nkrumah to Case Officers + Supervising Officers + Borough Commander

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary, Home Secretary, Other Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Best Advice for All Connected Case Officers +  Arrest Officer PC Cox + Investigation Officer DC Hayward + Charge Officer PS Kennedy P241994 + Supervising Officers + Local Borough Commander of the Metropolitan Police is an Immediate Release + Case Reference to a Credibly Independent Investigators for Citizen Mr Akwasi Nkrumah for the Stated Reasons:

The Best Advice is a Contempt Remedy + Case Dismissal Application by the Citizen and a Conflicted Interest Finding + Contempt Finding + Case Dismissal Order + Remedy Orders by the Law Courts for the Stated Reasons:

  1. Housing Association Officers used many thousand Tenancy Forgeries as Fraud Commitment Proof to get Protection Frauds from Top Judges for Asset Thefts and Budget Frauds.
  2. Forgery Complaints by Mr Akwasi Nkrumah motivated the Housing Officers to demand Protection Frauds. Top Judges procured a Framing Fraud by the Metropolitan Police. A Profit Share Demand by Top Police got a Share Refusal by Top Judges and Fraud Service Refusals by Top Police. It forced Top Judges to use Ministry of Justice Officers for the Ruin Frauds. It forced the Ruin Fraud Officers to get whatever help they could get from Idiot Police Officers who did not know the absence of Fraud Orders from Superior Officers evidenced a Fraud Service Refusal Decision by Top Police. Competent Case Management got Fraud Conspiracy Proof for Mr  Nkrumah against the Ruin Fraud Officers and Idiot Police Officers. A series of Confidence Collapses motivated a series of Identity Record Frauds and Case Misrepresentation Record Frauds as Self-Protection Frauds by the Ruin Fraud Officers. One was a Criminal Appeal Forgery that got an Appeal Dismissal Fraud by Crown Court Judges. A Genuine Appeal by Mr Nkrumah discovered the Appeal Forgery and Appeal Dismissal Fraud. Competent Case Management got Record Fraud Proof for Mr Nkrumah against the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, County Court, High Court, both divisions of the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
  3. In January 2020 Mr Nkrumah discovered the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority and the Corruption Remedy Process. He gave Remedy Co-operation that included use of his cases for Record Fraud Investigations of the Law Courts. He got Citizen Status and Case Management Services by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.
  4. The Record Fraud Investigations motivated Criminal Conspiracies by Top Judges for Evidence Theft and Evidence Destruction. The Shop Theft Case 2019 003741 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof that included 2 Backdated Order Forgeries. The Seal Ink was Original Document Proof and Forensic Test Material. Top Judges made a Forensic test Sabotage Fraud Plan. It used Enforcement Claim Fraud G02EC632 and a hearing Notice to force Citizen Mr Yediayli to consult Qualified Lawyers and used them to get Physical Possession of the Original Papers and then either Evidence Destruction or Forgery Substitution. It failed. It got Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Criminal Buyers, Prosecutor, Defender and Law Court Judges. On 8th November 2021 a Confidence Collapse got a High Court 2019 003741 Jurisdiction Finding + County Court Jurisdiction Deficit Finding + Contempt Finding Denial Fraud + Case Reference from the County Court to the High Court.
  5. The Criminal Conspiracy for Evidence Theft and Evidence Destruction against Citizen Mr Nkrumah used a Bag Snatch in September 2019 that got Paper Records and an Eviction Fraud on 1st November 2021 to get the Theft + Destruction of the Electronic Records. Everything that could go wrong for the Criminal Conspirators did go wrong. Criminal Complaints by Citizen Mr Nkrumah and the Landlord got an Investigation Fraud Proof and an Investigation Denial Fraud Proof and Criminal Conspiracy Proof for Citizen Mr Nkrumah and Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority against the Landlord, Metropolitan Police, Law Courts, Cabinet and Parliament.
  6. The Sold Advocacy Profession Unfitness Complaint got Adjudication Fraud Proof for the North Shropshire MP against the Parliamentary Ombudsman. A Protection Call by him got a Pending Corruption Remedy Protection Motion Majority from Parliament and Protection denial Fraud Proof for the Citizens who managed the 2021 Parliament Session Priority Test Cases that got the Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. Citizen Mr Nkrumah is one of them.
  7. The Metropolitan Police spent years pretending the Equity Lawyer does not exist until the Record Fraud Investigations. In December 2019 and June 2020, he broke the confidence of the Metropolitan Police to Investigation Frauds against Citizen Mr Yediayli to provide Protection Frauds for Top Judges. On 15th December 2021 they refused to enter the Mobile Number of the Equity Lawyer on the Custody Records. Hours later a Confidence Collapse by someone caused them to contact Mrs Nkrumah to get it so that the Custody Sergeant could make a Telephone Call at the Mobile Number of the Equity Lawyer so that they could make a  Telephone Call at 04.45 that lasted for 20 minutes 55 seconds.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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