Royal Commission Remedy Process Update 2022 002595 + 2023 000569 + 0174 + Profession Fitness Case 2946 2023

To: Citizens, MPs, Representatives Officers and Judges,

Remedy Sabotage led by Former Home Secretary Ms Braverman and Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer denied Top Down Remedies and created the need for Bottom Up Remedies. They needed Political Prisoner Proof. It needed Known Court Frauds and Enforcement Action that got an Imprisonment Fraud that was Political Prisoner Proof. The Contempt Claim 2022 003098 of the Cabinet and Fraud Appeals 2023 000569 + 0174 got Trial Fraud Proof, Appeal Fraud Proof and an Imprisonment Fraud against the Equity Lawyer that was Political Prisoner Proof. 

The Imprisonment Frauds enabled a Corruption Investigator that got help from an Honorable Officer and identified Political Prisoners and Corrupt Officers. It got Protection Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Prison Governors and Law Court Judges. Health Frauds by the Prison Authorities did enormous damage to the Equity Lawyer. Honourable Prison Officers and Renal Nurses did their best to achieve Damage Limitation. The recovery is slow. 

The Prison Report is in progress.

The attached documents are the are self explanatory. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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