Royal Commission, Shop Theft 2019 003741, 003984, G02ED632 Evidence Offer, Incomplete Bundle Schedule and Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

Remedy Process Warning that the Protection Fraud Legislation of All Parliaments are subject to the Revocation Powers of Later Parliaments. The Protection Fraud Legislations of this Parliament Session is Desperation Proof against the Protection Fraud Network.

The Speakers Office will please inform MP Mr Robert Buckland that Royal Commission Emails have recently got 550 Delivery Failure Bounce Messages from Email Address <>

The Defence Case Management Meeting 3 Day Notice Telephone Call at 9.39 on 16th March 2021 from Citizen Mr Yediayli was taken by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis during a Kidney Failure Dialysis Treatment Session. The Equity Lawyer was unable to do anything about it that day because the walk to the hospital, dialysis session and walk back are exhausting and he needs a Rest Day.  

The Acting Authority dated 23rd February 2021 was sent by the Day 21 Documents Request Email at 12.46 on 16th March 2021 from the G02ED632 Defence Lawyers Silvine Law to the Equity Lawyer the Rest Day delayed notice of it for him until he had finished the Short Bundle Schedule and was preparing to send the Royal Commission Email and the Filing and Service Emails.

The Defence lawyers Silvine Law need to explain the 21 Day Delay sending the Documents Request.

Shop Theft Claims 2019 003741, 003984 and G02ED632 Costs Liability Warning from Equity Lawyer to Silvine Law for the Stated Reason that they are Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Citizen Seller against the Buyers and Representatives and Law Courts and the Adjournment and £2,700 Costs Consent Order negotiated by Silvine Law is part of the Crime Proceeds.

The 2019 003741 and 003984 Defence Lawyers and G02ED632 Claim Lawyers TV Edwards are omitted from the Filing and Service Email Address List because Royal Commission Emails very often get Blocked Bounce Messages from

The Best Advice for G02ED632 Defence Lawyers Silvine Law is to use a Forward Email to TV Edwards to give a Full Disclosure Reminder and Missing Documents Request.

The attached 2021 03 17 Shop Theft 2019 003741, 003984 and G02ED632 Bundle SHORT Schedule contains Document Descriptions that enable it to serve as a DRAFT Chronology.

The Filing and Service Email attachment process changed some of the Attachment Labels and the Equity Lawyer was unable to remedy it.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


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