Royal Commission + Supreme Court Contempt Fraud Appeal + 2020 000286 + G02EC632

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, State Lawyers, Law Court Judges and Representatives

TAKE NOTICE that the Royal Commission Email dated 7th April 2021filed the Supreme Court Contempt Fraud Appeal Papers of the Equity Lawyer. It is Filing Proof for the Equity Lawyer and Parliament against the State and Law Courts. It did not get an Automatic Acknowledgement or Filing Acknowledgement from the Supreme Court. It made necessary Post Filing by the Equity Lawyer that is evidenced by the attached Royal Mail Receipt dated 14th April 2021.

TAKE NOTICE the Contempt Fraud Appeal and the Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 Penalty Hearing on 16th April 2021 will be used for Integrity Testing of Hearing Judges Mrs Cutts. On 14th December 2020 she used the Fraud Appeal 2020 2069 to make a Pending Appeal Protection Rights Acknowledgment and then Misrepresentation Frauds that the Protection Rights were not a Liability Trial Stay. The Liability Finding Fraud and Judgment respectively on 16th and 18th December 2020 were followed by the 2020 2069 Appeal Dismissal Fraud on 22nd December 2020. The 2019 004208 Appeal Jurisdiction Advice dated 11th February 2021 of State Counsel Mr Eardley stated that the Administration of Justice Act 1960 vested in the Supreme Court the Appeal Jurisdiction against Contempt Decisions in the High Court. Justice Mrs Cutts needs to explain the Appeal Jurisdiction Usurpation Fraud by the Court of Appeal that makes the Appeal Dismissal into a Court Fraud.

TAKE NOTICE that the Shop Sale Enforcement Claim Fraud G02EC632 got the attached Summary Judgment Application Reply Evidence Filing Permit + 24 Day Time Limit dated 23rd March 2021 + Print Date 13th April 2021 + Service Email dated 13th April 2021 from Clerkenwell County Court to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis alone. An Enquiry Telephone Call on 15th April 2021 from the Equity Lawyer discovered that Citizen Defendant Mr Bayram Yediayli did not know about it. The Equity Lawyer agreed to send a Royal Commission Email with a Case Explanation and the Attached Order so that he could forward it to the Defence Lawyers.  The Shop Theft Claims 2019 003741 + 003984 of Citizen Mr Yediayli got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Buyers, Representatives and the High Court. It includes Sealed Forged Orders that are Trial Denial Frauds Proof. The Seal Ink is Forensic Material. Top Judges made a Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud Plan. It needed Physical Possession of the Originals Papers to enable either Evidence Destruction or Substitute Forgeries.  It needed a Hearing Notice to force Citizen Mr Yediayli to consult Qualified Lawyers and then Evidence Production Demands that got the Sealed Forged Orders. Top Judges needed to avoid an Audio Record of an Application Judges receiving Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Buyers, Representatives and High Court. They procured the Shop Sale Enforcement Claim Fraud by the Buyers in the County Court. The Evidence Production Demands got Royal Commission Service Emails from the Equity Lawyer that were Service Proof against the Defence Lawyers and Notice Proof against the Law Courts.  The Service Emails got Service Denial Misrepresentation Frauds from the Defence Lawyers to Citizen Mr Yediayli. The County Court has to explain the failure to accept the Notice Emails as Filing Proof, the Alleged Need for a Reply Evidence Filing Permit, and the 21 Day Print Delay, the Service Email on the Equity Lawyer, whether there was Order Service on the Defence Lawyers, and if so, why they did not tell Citizen Mr Yediayli.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis 

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