Royal Commission + Supreme Court Fraud Appeal + 2022 003098 Trial Unreadiness Filing and Service Notice

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives, and Law Court Judges

The Contempt Penalty Enforcement Bundle is Disclosure Failure Proof for the People against the Cabinet. It is Trial Unreadiness Proof for the Equity Lawyer against the Cabinet and Law Courts.  The Case Papers are too heavy for the Equity Lawyer to carry. The remedy is File Sharing by the Prosecution and Defence.

MPs who want a Case Briefing can read the Trial Unreadiness Notice it ends with:

Corruption Concealment was the Brexit Negotiation Priority of Prime Ministers Mrs May and Mr Johnson. It enabled European Union Leaders to make Union Sabotage their Negotiation Priority.

Prime Minister Mr Sunak did not have the Negotiation Handicap.  Corruption Dismissal Notices from Prime Minister Mr Sunak got a series of Confidence Collapses. It got a Forced Resignation by Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon and the Brexit Revision Windsor Agreement by European Leaders.  

The Ruin Frauds against Northern Ireland Citizen Mr Barr got Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Devolved State Authorities, UK State Authorities, Devolved Law Court and UK Law Courts. It enables Corruption Remedy Special Measures against All Authorities.

Equity Lawyer Ellis

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